SEO Link Robot Reviewed by the Realistic Marketer

SEO Link Robot from Steve Hawkins

I must admit that I immediately thought of Stephen Hawking and black holes. The analogy to my bizarre mind was the ever open mouths of Internet marketing gurus forever sucking cash but giving nothing out in return… you get my drift and it’s all in fun so no hate mail please 🙂

I have to admit to being a little concerned over the appearance of some “single fee” software of this complexity as a potential serious rival to Senuke. SEnuke is an extremely complicated software program made even more difficult by the fact that ON A DAILY BASIS it has to keep pace with changing search engine algorithms as well as any changes with the individual programs used in the many submission modules. Read more…

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Instant Article Wizard 3 from Jon Leger

Instant Article Wizard 3 is the latest software masterpiece from Jonathan Leger.

I have been a user of Jons’ Article Wizard Pro ever since it first came out and it was an excellent way to quickly research and write quality unique articles but Instant Article Wizard 3 is leaps and bounds ahead of anything presently on the market. Read more…

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Hope You Didn’t Buy The SEOPressor Plugin

I was seriously thinking of buying the SEOpressor plugin for WordPress but held back, firstly because around $100 is a heck of a lot to pay for a plugin and secondly to check out reports of actual usage from bloggers long after the actual launch hype. I know there is a single license $47 version but who has only one blog nowadays? Read more…

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Why Using PLR Videos Are A Waste Of Time

So why is using PLR videos a waste of your time?

Over the past year I have bought a lot of PLR videos hoping for a quick and relatively easy breakthrough into the popular online video market. The demand for online video both as a learning aid and also image branding for the smaller marketer is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Unfortunately, buying PLR Video is normally not going to do you any favors so come and listen to my PLR Video Rap compilation! Read more…

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Why Internet Marketing Upsells Are Bad

Internet Marketing Upsells

I was out doing my brisk walking exercise recently and listening to yet another mp3 on Internet marketing that was being given away as part of the (now) all too familiar and totally predictable product launch sequence.

To be honest, the thing that struck me was that almost nothing has really changed in basic Internet marketing techniques over the past 4 or 5 years despite the thousands of $7 WSO’s all claiming to have discovered a magical new “loophole” or “secret system“. Read more…

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Flash Keyword Miner Software Review

Flash Keyword Miner Overview:

Jon Leger recently brought out a software package called Keyword Snatcher but unfortunately stopped sales after 1 week. I had mixed feelings over this in as much as it is, (was),  a great tool and like all great tools you wish you could keep it all to yourself! I know, I know, selfish huh? Well I’m just human after all -:)

The reason for this post is that I have found some new keyword mining software which does the same job as Keyword Snatcher, with a few small differences and it is totally affordable. It’s called Flash Keyword Miner and here’s what it does… Read more…

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Keyword Snatcher From Jon Leger | Review

Keyword Snatcher Development. There are very few marketers online who can truthfully call themselves experts in what they are selling. Most are big list merchants looking for maximum commission and despite the exaggerated claims made on behalf of the product they really have no clue whether it’s any good or not. Their formula is basically to earn a few bucks from everybody on their list and expect a 5% refund rate.

That’s OK as far as it goes but don’t you truly value those guys who Read more…

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SENuke Vs Bruteforce SEO Evo 2 Review Update

I have been meaning to write an updated post on this especially as EVO2 has been released. Unfortunately I don’t presently have the time it takes to setup and learn the system and to be honest, I don’t want to spend $150+ on a program that has bitten me once already. So now it’s YOUR turn to speak! Read more…

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Affiliate Link Bomber Review By The Realistic Marketer

Affiliate Link Bomber Review

The reason for taking a look at Ben Shaffer’s Affiliate Link Bomber was because I have bought previous products from him and also I think that affiliate commission theft is a very real and growing concern for anybody who is affiliate marketing whether as a serious business or just earning some holiday money. I mean, why lose 75% or more of your income to commission thieves? Read more…

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Market Samurai Reviewed by the Realistic Marketer

This is going to be a short review because quite frankly Market Samurai is now an industry standard tool that is a must have for anybody either learning their online marketing trade or is a full time Internet marketer. From the time it came out a couple of years ago, heavily promoted by Ed Dale and the 30 Day Challenge team, it easily surpassed SEO Elite and Keyword Elite both in terms of ‘uncluttered’ functionality and eventually in terms of great support.

In fairness it took a while for the guys at Market Samurai to get their act together for product support and it was often a cause of great frustration Read more…

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