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Marketing Tips Derek Gehl Talks Great Sense

I have been considering writing a post on this very subject for a while now and this morning received a great email from Dereck Gehl of fame and I could not have put it better myself.

Here’s what he had to say…

“Here’s why I’m so steamed:

This morning when I first arrived at the office, I did what I always do. I checked my email to see what all the other online marketing “experts” were up to. (I’ve got to keep an eye on the competition, after all.)

And — as always — what did I find?
A bunch of emails from different marketers all promoting the EXACT same product — and all claiming it’s the greatest thing to hit the world of Internet marketing since — well, since the Internet.

But you know what? Most — if not ALL — of these self-proclaimed “gurus” have never even actually tried the product they’re trying so hard to sell you!

And I’ve got to tell you, I am SICK of being swamped by emails like this. I’m sick of being sold the exact same product a million different ways — by people who’ve never actually experienced any real success with it.

Where’s the value? How’s this helping anyone???

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are some really great Internet marketers out there… True experts I respect enormously, who sell top-quality products that they themselves have used to achieve phenomenal success.

But when I’m sent 12 different emails a DAY — all selling the latest and greatest marketing fad that’s supposedly “revolutionized” the way these so-called experts do business, even when you know they probably couldn’t even tell you how the darned thing actually works — well, my blood just starts to BOIL.”

Absolutely. Spot on Derek.

Most of us are getting brassed of with continual begging emails each trying to outdo each other with bonuses and not giving us any quality information which is why we signed up to their list anyway. Of course we appreciate there is a back end along the line but it would be more professional to keep the “good information / buy this product” see-saw a bit more balanced.


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Writing Articles. Content And The Google Interpretation.

Article Content Evolution is with us.

The way we have been writing articles, you know from keyword stuffing, (we’ve all done it), to judging a keyword / keyphrase density and hoping it’s just right for Google is on the way out.

Semantics, the page theme, contextual relevance, phrase matching and seeing if you’ve included those little words and phrases that are specific to whatever niche you are writing about, (eg surfers have a language of their own), will all go toward the relevancy Google will place on your article before it is included in the index.

Don’t worry about Yahoo and MSN. They are still indexing just about everything published on the Net so keep using using the meta tags and other traditional procedures.

It may be the case that before long even the use of the title tag, heading tag and the filename may not be necessary for the purposes of “assisting” Google into what our content is about.

A brief thought but one of relevance… before the days of programmers, algorithms and LSI I am sure we used to write topical and contextually relevant content to give a good “user experience” anyway! See what article spinners have done to us?


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Beware No Follow Links In Article Directories

Just a quick heads up if you are submitting articles to article directories for SEO purposes. It is worth checking out whether or not they apply a nofollow tag to all outgoing links. One site, as of today, is All the anchor text links in their articles are nofollow.

Waste of time submitting. Good for their PR but no link love for us honeys!

To check for nofollows either View Source or get the SEO Bar addon for FireFox.


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Server Side Includes – Easy Way To Update Specified Content In ALL Your Web Pages

Here’s a a powerful and simple way to be able to update any specified content across a whole range of pages on your web site.

An example would be a changeable navigation menu across hundreds of pages. Just change 1 file instead of hundreds!

As long as your host has SSI, Server Side Includes, enabled this is a breeze.

Al that needs to be done is to name your .html page .shtml and use the following:

Assuming you want to have a footer with your site navigation menu on it called footer.php – (you need to know nothing about php for this!)

Copy your site nav menu html code and paste it into a blank document in your text editor and name it footer php. No need to use < html > < /html > or body tags – just paste and save the nav menu code.

On the pages where you wish to have your nav menu just put:

If you already have existing .html pages and don’t wish to change the file extension – perhaps it’s a mature page already indexed by the SE’s – then simply create a .htaccess file in the same directory as the page with the following:

AddHandler server-parsed .html

Note: this will probably work but your host may have another command.


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Adwords Quality Score

Just a little tip for those using Adwords is to turn your Quality Score function on.

It’s really simple by only saying Great, OK or Poor but this is a good indicator as to whether or not you have to adjust your site to bring your pricing down. As we know any extra Adwords cents can soon mount up into a lot of wasted dollars.

To activate this click on a campaign and follow through to where you have the 3 tabs – Summary, Keywords and Ad Variations. Select the Keyword tab and click on “Customize Columns”.

Hopefully it will say Great and give you a minimum bid price.


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