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Beware Of Do Gooders Offering Business Advice

It happens time and time again. Some inexperienced Do Gooder has to jump in and offer their "advice" to other inexperienced people seeking reliable information. More often than not you can see a forum thread develop with huge inputs of information from many people who are barely qualified to offer an opinion let alone suggest how you should run your business.


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Free Internet Marketing Videos Site Update


We are in the process of reorganizing the site for the sake of efficiency, and this includes the making of 2 versions per video, one for YouTube and one large display Flash copy for better clarity with tutorials.

If you feel you would like to have a video made which would also be of use to others then please either leave a comment or use the Help Desk.

Comments are always appreciated.


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Web2Submitter Review And A Surprise No.5 Google Listing

Web2Submitter is a boon for anybody wanting to take advantage of targeted Web2.0 traffic. It is very simple to use and really does save you a stack of time on those BORING WEB2.0 SUBMISSIONS!


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