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A Look At WebCockpit 1.0

I thought a review on the system, which I use myself, would be useful for anybody wanting to turn, not just their business, but their lives around at the same time. That may seem like a bold statement but I have just finished doing the Daily Praxis, no it’s not a chant, and it’s really easy to concentrate on the important tasks for today – far more effective than a To Do list. Read more…

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Dragging Your Pages From Googles Supplemental Index

Sometimes Google can be just too smart and it's a real pain. I found over 40 pages from my blog in the supplemental index and I thought they were all unique content. Here's how Google made me feel like a kid in detention writing out 50 times "I Will Make My Content Unique To Stop Myself Being Punished" Sorry Sir!!


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I was asked to do a review for and my first reaction was not another Social Website. Don’t get me wrong I love the whole concept of Social Networking but lately there has been an influx of copy cats trying to get in on the act with nothing original to offer.

Thankfully SwitchPlanet is not one of these and I guess you could call it a Social Networking Ebay type site for DVDs, CDs, Games and Books if that makes any sense! Here’s the basics. Read more…

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7 Day Business Turnaround Kit

Anybody who has been involved with Internet Marketing, at whatever level, will know the name Mark Joyner. Often referred to as The Godfather of Internet Marketing he was one of the first top level Internet marketers, Gurus as they are referred to nowadays, right alongside Yanik Silver and Terry Dean. Like other names at the top of their field Mark is an innovator and a lot of his teachings have been practised by todays leading online personalities such as Mike Filsaime.


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Spyware Removers – So You Think You Are Safe From Trojans And Worms

Did you know that you have an 80% chance of being infected with multiple pieces of malicious code? Did you also know that free anti spyware programs lend a significant hand in the spreading of these malignant Trojans, Worms and Spyware? Watch a video now demonstrating a recent test where popular Anti Spyware programs just let Viruses sit on your PC.


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