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eBay Stops Digital Product Downloads. This Is How You Fix It In 1 Hour

Yet again eBay makes another controversial decision when it decides to kick out all it’s sellers dealing in downloadable digital products.

This isn’t just about eBay getting rid of the crap eBooks, and we know there is a ton of those, but this actually hurts many hundreds of good honest people and businesses who have spent time and money building up a good service to repeat customers.

Lets take an overall look at what is happening and how we can fix it. Read more…

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Private Label Rights And Resale Rights Memberships Investigated

The last couple of months I have been concentrating on a few projects which have taken up a huge amount of my time.

I have been running 2 eBay stores, one with digital products and one with physical products to make a side by side comparison of which one works the best. This in itself was a total waste of time from a business, (i.e. money), point of view as you cannot split your time like this and make any sort of comparison. They are 2 entirely separate businesses. It was not a waste of time from an education point of view though!

Selling physical products is great because it gets you away from the computer! Read more…

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