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Wowzza Social Network – To Spam Or Not To Spam

I have started receiving spam on a daily basis from a couple of Wowzza members and like most people I really detest spam.

It is difficult to find any excuse nowadays for sending out junk email because even the newest newbie is aware of spam and they know it is wrong and is a big No No on the Internet.

So, enter those pathetic individuals who think they’re “Oh so smart!”, and want to bypass all the rules to make money from their offensive spam emails. These people do not want to build a business that involves responsibility and customer support they just want the money from you now. Read more…

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Free Giveaways. Please tell me you are not seriously doing this nonsense.

It’s human nature to like free things. I love them – the more the better and let’s be honest, getting free stuff is a bit of fun.

I used to work in an industry that hands out freebies to it’s customers like cardboard hats, promo pens that didn’t work and other bits of nonsense. Most of this stuff I just used to throw straight in the bin to my staff’s horror. “Why don’t you give it away to the customers?”. Read more…

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Shawn Casey And Tellman Knudson Showcase “Every Listbuilding Trick Known To Man”

I don’t often do reviews or even mention the product launches from the “big boys” mainly because I don’t believe that someone just starting out needs to spend $1,000 +++ per month to get to grips with Internet marketing. They can learn enough for next to nothing to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to start to build an online business.

The sales psychology from these guys is so intense and so powerful that many people ending up spending money they don’t have and I don’t want to be a part of that.

Anyhow, onto Shawn and Tellman…

Read more…

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