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Taffs, Buttys And Chips. Arterial Blockage And Total Enjoyment

This has absolutely nothing to do with Internet marketing at all but I recently found myself explaining what a “butty” is, and of course the most famous Butty of all is the heart stopping Chip Butty.

Almost Extinct Like The Dodo and, as the art of making a great Chip Butty is, sadly, rapidly becoming a part of history due to our much more healthy lifestyles, I thought a post for posterity is in order so here it is.

What The… Firstly a thought just crossed my mind. What’s the point of the next few generations being a super healthy race of fitness freaks when the Earth is going to self destruct due to Global Warming by 2050?

To Look Forward To… Raising sea levels, glacier retreat, Arctic shrinkage, Read more…

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