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Proof You Are Being Lied To About Twitter And Social Media

I have never been a big fan of the guru induced hype surrounding social media and especially Twitter.

As usual it’s nothing but a money making scam. I’m not saying you can’t make the odd few bucks from Twitter by fooling other people into buying a “get rich with Twitter” product and take advantage of the hype, but as a sustainable online business with reliable recurring income the whole Twitter business model is a sham. And here’s the proof… Read more…

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CCleaner Is A Superb Free Utility

I use CCleaner all the time. Windows, IE and Firefox are hungry disk space critters and take up a heap of hard drive space if not kept in check.

Being a power user I rack up a lot of junk very quickly in the form of cookies, temporary files and other obscure stuff that Windows thins we have to keep.

It is not uncommon for CCleaner to find 1000Mb+ of junk on my system and can delete it within seconds giving me back a more responsive machine. The registry cleaner is great, and makes backups in case something goes wrong, and I used to use it all the time until I purchased a Pro registry cleaner. Read more…

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