Server Side Includes – Easy Way To Update Specified Content In ALL Your Web Pages

Here’s a a powerful and simple way to be able to update any specified content across a whole range of pages on your web site.

An example would be a changeable navigation menu across hundreds of pages. Just change 1 file instead of hundreds!

As long as your host has SSI, Server Side Includes, enabled this is a breeze.

Al that needs to be done is to name your .html page .shtml and use the following:

Assuming you want to have a footer with your site navigation menu on it called footer.php – (you need to know nothing about php for this!)

Copy your site nav menu html code and paste it into a blank document in your text editor and name it footer php. No need to use < html > < /html > or body tags – just paste and save the nav menu code.

On the pages where you wish to have your nav menu just put:

If you already have existing .html pages and don’t wish to change the file extension – perhaps it’s a mature page already indexed by the SE’s – then simply create a .htaccess file in the same directory as the page with the following:

AddHandler server-parsed .html

Note: this will probably work but your host may have another command.


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