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Direct Quote From DayJobKiller (Day Job Killer) 

"YOUR PROBLEM: You lose cash on AdWords. Fast. Caught up in bidding wars on the vaguest of keywords, you push the wrong product – and do it all the wrong way. Click through rates tumble to zero point something and you pull the campaign. Still broke. Still frustrated. It’s time to learn why you have been losing at the wrong game up until now…”

I am not one to hop on the bandwagon of every latest craze that comes along but I do buy an awful lot of them to evaluate and hopefully gain some practical knowledge that can make me some cash. I have no embarrassment in telling you I like to make to cash – Internet marketing is my business and it’s what I do. 

Every so often a product comes along that a) falls into a reasonable price range that most everybody can afford and b) it has some really

If you have not yet bought Day Job Killer let me tell you that this is not the usual re-hashed “become a super affiliate” garbage package. This is 100% solid information.

The quote from Day Job Kiler I used as an introduction was me not so long ago. 

I wont tell you that DJK took me from being a novice to a millionaire because it didn’t. I learned most of my PPC and Adwords from Perry Marshall, Dan Thies and Frank Kern who are absolute masters of their trade… as is Chris who wrote Day Job Killer. 

There are a couple of reasons to NOT buy DJK. One would be if you are an absolute novice to PPC / Adwords and have not yet set up an account. Note: You are a novice no matter how much you have “read” on Adwords until you have got your hands dirty trading. 

Another reason would be if you are not yet ready to walk a little on the “dark” side. I don’t mean illegal or even unethical but a lot of people fail at starting an online business because they have not yet adopted an amount of business ruthlessness. Let me explain… If you are starting an AdWords campaign you are obviously doing it to make money. Day Job Killer teaches you how to knock merchants and other affiliates out of their Ad slots to make you the top dog. 

Some people don’t feel good doing this. To me it’s part of doing business. Without a doubt using PPC is one of the fastest ways to make money online BUT, it is also the fastest way to lose your money if you don’t know exactly what to do. This is not a game it’s your livelihood so teach yourself properly. 

If you are a complete novice I would advise signing up for the free 5 day Google Adwords course with Perry Marshall with a view to buying his Definitive Guide To Google Adwords as soon as possible and take at least 3 days to absorb the material.

If you know about PPC’s but just can’t seem to make it work then go and buy  Day Job Killer right now and start to implement the strategies. There is also a chance to buy Affiliate Project X, (updated), at a discount and I would recommend doing this. Read APX first then DJK. Have a break and read them both again. You should be up and running in a few days.

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