The Best Spinner Reviewed by the Realistic Marketer

Jonathan Leger’s “The Best Spinner”. Along with many others, I have been a beta tester for Jonathan Leger’s Best Spinner software for the past few weeks.

I doubt there is a paid or free content spinner I haven’t tried over the past few years and they are ALWAYS either embarrassingly simple, which makes them ineffective, or incredibly complicated which makes them really hard to use… and so we don’t! Another big issue with content spinners has always been the thesaurus which is the heart of any spinner.

The problem with a standard thesaurus is that combined with even the smallest amount of automation it will always churn out junk articles. No matter what a product’s sales page is telling you, at the moment of writing this post, there is no content spinner which can automate the spinning process and deliver even half decent quality articles.

It is quicker to re-write articles than it is to waste valuable time learning how these spinning programs work just to end up with junk that cannot be used, unless the objective is to flood the Internet with junk which benefits nobody of course ūüėČ

Now, I like Jonathan Leger because he’s an independent stand-up marketer who not only knows his stuff but he’s always experimenting and testing to see what works. He was one of the first to bring out a program which allowed you to easily check all your Adsense stats from a simple interface. The program, Adsense Gold, was innovative stuff at the time and has been continually copied since Jonathan brought out the original. He’s also built a search engine but that’s another topic…

Jonathan’s latest creation is The Best Spinner. Again, this is truly innovative thinking because at it’s heart it has a “User-Driven” thesaurus. Can you see how powerful this concept is?

The Best Spinner is vastly different because unlike the tedious, traditional, academic thesaurus database, every “synonym” displayed is instantly enhanced by what other Best Spinner members have entered into the system.

Here’s an example:

I just took a paragraph from this review as an example shown in the image and opened The Best Spinner.

The underlined words and phrases are the synonyms detected by the software and all we have to do is to tab through the content and choose spinnable content from the drop down box which makes contextual sense for our article.

This is very fast and produces great quality articles. The paragraph took me just a couple of minutes to complete and you can see the end the result is showing standard spin-ready formatted text.

This WILL give excellent results and note the content unique indicator is showing 81%.

On average you should be able to produce a quality spun article of 500 words within around 10 minutes.

Taking longer than this may indicate an unacceptable level of “fussiness” which used to be one of my many faults ūüėČ

Surprisingly, The Best Spinner turns a chore into something almost approaching fun. I can’t pretend that writing and spinning articles is something I look forward to and would prefer to outsource as much as possible. It’s reasonably easy to find good article writers but finding people who understand, and are able to spin articles to a level which doesn’t make you ashamed to have your name as author, is fairly difficult.

So, out of the quagmire of junk Internet marketing products and get-rich-from-plr nonsense we actually have a product at a reasonable cost, (ridiculous really), which we can comfortably use ourselves or assign it to a virtual assistant because the learning curve with The Best Spinner is almost zero.

If you do any amount of article marketing you should seriously consider making your life easier using this software.

To sum up The Best Spinner I would say it’s¬†easy to learn, very effective and extremely¬†low cost without being cheap!

You can see The Best Spinner video at

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