Just How Much More Have I Got To Spend With The Gurus Before Something Actually Works For Me?

Just How Much More Money Do I Have To Spend With
The Gurus Before Something Actually Works For Me?

Forget Buying All These Complicated “Guru” Products!

The Gurus Force You To Be Forever Dependent On Their Products!

You Will Drive Yourself Crazy With Information Overload!

Paralysis By Analysis My Friend!

You Will End Up By Not Being Able To Do Anything.

It’s all very nice having a snazzy sounding product title like “killer” this, “slayer” that, “ultimate” whatever but why not stop making these guys incredibly rich just for a while and see if this makes sense…

If the Gurus can make you rich, (and their Oh So Bleeding Hearts REALLY want you to be just as rich as them don’t they??), then why are they continually bringing out product after product?

Surely in the name of all that’s sacred if they are that good and are not just in it to scam another few hundred bucks off you why can’t they just have ONE product that actually works and really does help you build an online business?

If their first product hasn’t worked then why do so many people keep on spending their hard earned money on JUNK?

All I am trying to do here is to make you listen up
and stop spending all your cash on products that
will just never work for you in your present mindset.

Let me explain…

Possibly through desperation you are trying to become financially independent by building an online business. We recognize there are lazy and greedy people wanting a quick fix but I am not writing this for them – these type of people will generally remain lazy and greedy.

This is the wrong mindset my good friend. Trust me I’m a doctor 🙂 (not really!)

Let Me Tell You EXACTLY What You Really Need To Have An Online Business.

1. You Have to work long hours. It’s not an easy option to a day job. In fact a day job is easier as you just turn up, do what you do and get paid.

2. Laser Focus. More people fail by continually jumping on the next “big thing” they never settle long enough to make any money.

3. The Gurus are perhaps giving you good information but there is always something missing like you buy a $97 dollar product but… “unless you also have XXXX and YYYY then it’s not going to work as well as it should do”… sort of thing.

As I said before, if they are that good and they have a product that really works then why not just give the “secret information” in ONE package. Nobody would mind paying for updated product information, (nothing stays the same), as long as the first product is working.

4. Understand that the concept of having an online business is really simple but not everybody can make it work. This doesn’t make anybody a failure as we can’t all be the same can we?

5. Understand that you probably can make a living online if you realize the following:

  • You have to know SPECIFICALLY how to do competitive research on your competitors. This is a structured and methodical approach which if not done in a step by step manner and the results analyzed correctly then your whole project will fail. There is no doubt or ambiguity on this.

Ask Yourself If You Have Either Researched Your Competition Or even understand what I am talking about?

  • If you are just picking an affiliate product from Clickbank or CJ and then either using PPC or articles as a means of promotion the chances are you are not getting anywhere fast, in fact you are probably losing money.

Leave Adwords well and truly alone until your online business is generating enough money to run a proper campaign and then pay to have a professional run you through your first campaign. Some companies are paying $10k, $20K and upwards just for 1 Day in Google Adwords so the profits are there but so is the risk.

Some people can start off with $10 and the business keeps growing but this is unusual. People usually lose more than make initially because they only THINK they know what they are doing.


You absolutely must understand how to go about Article Marketing correctly. Just throwing a 500 word article on EzineAricles is of no use to you whatsoever.

You have to understand your traffic options. There has been a recent spate of traffic products to hit the Internet and the gurus say they are all the best ever. Well they can’t ALL be the best so this is just another example of pushing products instead of giving you an informed decision. Note how a  lot of product launches from different marketers are spaced so they don’t “coincide” with each other. Hhmmm!

I recently evaluated a reasonably priced traffic product that showed on video everything people need to know about how to get traffic. Without traffic you are at a standstill. Beware these free websites giving you a few free videos as they are just drawing you back into the never ending circle of selling you junk continuously.

Now, I would love to give you everything for free,(I do give you a free, haands on business building guide later on that I honestly use myself), but I am in business and this is my only job. But in keeping with REALLY wanting to help people AND make myself an honest living at the same time I came up with a great plan

What we need is a place to communicate with others who enjoy helping out and sharing their knowledge and experience.

BELIEVE ME when I say that I have joined countless membership sites all promising a lively interactive members forum and virtually without exception it’s a total lie. Hardly anybody posts and inside one “Top Secret Discussion Area” the only post was a welcome message from the owner dated months previously.

I have recently joined something which I am personally very happy to be an active member of. It feels very comfortable and you can make many friends as well as develop strong business relationships.

I can explain better on video than on the web page.

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