Craigslist Ad Shot to #5 Spot On Google

Craigslist Ad Shot To #5 On Google

Google Niche Keyword Research Graphic

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Craigslist Ad Shot To #5 On Google

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Keywords Analyzer Banner 300*250

Important Note: This is excellent software which very nicely bridges the gap between Keyword Elite, which does everything and Adwords Analyzer which is lacking an essential feature which is the ability to do quick on the spot competitive website research.

Adwords Anayzer costs $77 and is excellent software for a basic level of quick Keyword Research.

Keywords Analyzer costs $97
and for my money this is the best choice available today. The ability to check at a glance the level of optimization for your possible

niche key phrase by your competition is vital in being able to make informed decisions. Keyword Elite costs $176 and is certainly a power house for Adwords and Keyword Research.
Pros: Full featured keyword research tool. Plenty of video help and documentation.
Cons: The Adsense features are fairly useless. A big learning curve. You should be prepared to spend at least 2 or 3 days learning just the basics of KE before using it.

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