Sydney Johnston Auction Genius Course Review

is referred to as the undisputed Queen of and has been working the auction scene for around the last 12 years. Her comes highly recommended from people who “really” know what it’s all about, like Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon to name just 2, and it is also the ONLY course of it’s kind recommended by .

Armed with this knowledge I decided to take the 8 week class to learn how to become a master seller on Ebay and make a fortune from my armchair! Early advice from the class was to forget about any other distractions and concentrate solely on working the Auction Genius Course over the next couple of months to give the best chance of success. This I did which is why you haven’t seen a blog post in over 2 months.

First off, Sydney is a very professional lady with an excellent “no nonsense” teaching manner. If I had any thoughts this was going to be an easy Paint By Numbers course just because I had paid a “substantial”, (see later), amount of money to attend, these misconceptions were dashed during the first 2 hour lesson.

Sydney is not going to pat you on the head and tell you everything is fine. Personal business building, “Sydney style”, is serious stuff. Obviously the course is conducted in a light hearted, and humorous manner but you better recognize early on that this is going to be YOUR business and not a Sydney Johnston Clone.

POWERFUL AND TRUE Here is one of the most powerful things I learned during the Auction Genius Course and it’s worth bearing in mind. Ending up on welfare is the result of a number of personal life choices and is no one else’s fault but our own. It wasn’t put as bluntly as that but you get the drift.

It is important to mention the last paragraph because even though the vast majority of the Auction Genius course has a hands on, get stuck in type of agenda it also points us in the right direction to improve our attitude and thinking.

We are talking about building a real and sustainable business here folks and if success has eluded you in the past, despite spending thousands of dollars on programs, perhaps now is the time to take stock of where you really want to go with your life. As I write this post the latest batch of affiliate programs, all claiming to make us successful, has started filling my inbox.

Consider this…

Nobody can accuse Internet entrepreneurs like Joel Comm and Mike Filsaime, just to name 2, of being anything other than highly professional and very successful at what they do. They are not con artists ripping you off for a few bucks and their products are top of the range material which can make people very successful.

So why is it that with all this incredible information just

about everybody who buys their products make little or no money?

1. Inactivity. The biggest reason is that people lose focus and just don’t do anything. It’s a bit like buying a hammer to drive a nail into a plank of wood. Some people will put the hammer in the storeroom and forget about it and others will try to drive the nail in using their hands because they perceive something is wrong with the hammer. Either way, money has been wasted buying the hammer and the nail is still waiting for something to happen.

2. Traffic. The other big reason for failure is that no matter how good the product, if you don’t know how to get targeted traffic that can convert into paying customers you don’t have a business. You can have the best optimized Adsense page on the Internet but if no one is looking at it you don’t earn any money. Building quality traffic to a website takes time and skill.

3. Real Expert Help. After buying a program there are no real mentors to help you out personally. It is possible to get limited help but the entrepreneur simply does not have the time to conduct one on one sessions with hundreds or thousands of people. Forums are a total waste of time. Sure, there are some very knowledgeable and helpful people but they are lost in the tide of well meaning failures spouting their useless advice which they probably got from another well meaning failure on another forum somewhere. Forums are a dangerous place to build your business.

Which is where the Auction Genius course really comes into it’s own

1. Inactivity. Anybody snapping up every program that comes out in the hope that this is THE one that is finally going to work for them realistically needs a reality check. Do they want a business or a hobby? Just decide to DO something constructive, just a little every day, and build your business without losing focus. The Auction Genius Course guides you along this path IF you have the determination to follow it.

2. Traffic. Why not take advantage of around 240 MILLION pre qualified consumers with their credit cards already out just waiting to buy? This is Ebay and once you learn Sydney’s techniques you can be earning enough money to cover your essential bills very quickly. Once the financial pressure is off you can use Ebay to really build your business.

3. Real Expert Help. If you take the live classes you can ask questions directly to Sydney herself as well as being able to send emails during the whole of the course.

That’s 8 weeks of personal tuition folks and you can also call her on the phone. Taking away the guesswork and knowing that the answers to your questions are founded on solid, tested business practice is worth a heck of a lot of money not to mention peace of mind.

Click Here to go take a look at the Auction Genius Course

Class Homework! The “homework” is an integral part of the course. Sydney obviously doesn’t force anybody to complete the tasks but the assignments relate directly to building your business and they are also interesting, challenging and exhausting.

Let’s talk about the tuition fees. Cost is all a matter of perception. I had actually been looking at the Auction Genius Course and was undecided for quite some time ever since I first heard about Sydney by way of Stompernet. There are several choices available with the live class option being the top of the list at $997.

This was the reason I held back at the time. My perception was that the cost was just too expensive.

After taking the live classes and finishing the course my perception is that Sydney should be charging a whole lot more. This is truly life changing material if you are prepared to work at it and I’m not sure how to place a value on that.

I have paid for many, many courses over the years, the majority being total hogwash but also some excellent ones from the established professionals for information on a particular niche.

Bearing in mind my earlier point about targeted traffic if you do not have enough visitors to your site to produce enough conversions to pay your bills then you must take a look at the Auction Genius course and take advantage of ready made buyers to kick start and grow your business.

I say without hesitation that for me the Auction Genius Course is unequivocally the very best hands on Internet business, (not just Ebay), training course available anywhere. Sydney Johnston is an admirable and truly knowledgeable lady to have as a mentor.

So what questions do you have?

If you are considering Sydney’s Auction Genius Course and would like to ask me any questions I am here to help. If you prefer chatting on Skype or Yahoo let me know and we’ll fix a time. My Help Desk Is Here

Click Here to go take a look at the Auction Genius Course

Sydney Johnston's Auction Genius Ebay Course

PS I was amazed to hear during the classes some students asking question who had returned to take Sydney’s course for a second time. Whatever the reasons, perhaps losing focus after the first time or whatever, this demonstrates the value of the Auction Genius course information. People don’t pay for rubbish twice!

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