7 Day Business Turnaround Kit

Product Review Of Mark Joyner’s 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit

Anybody who has been involved with Internet Marketing, at whatever level, will know the name Mark Joyner. Often referred to as The Godfather of Internet Marketing he was one of the first top level Internet marketers, Gurus as they are referred to nowadays, right alongside Yanik Silver and Terry Dean. Like other names at the top of their field Mark is an innovator and a lot of his teachings have been practised by todays leading online personalities such as Mike Filsaime.

Jay Conrad Levinson called Mark Joyner “the best” Internet marketer today so it’s safe to assume that whatever Mark does it’s not going to be yet another rehashed junk product we have thrown at us virtually every single day. It’s always refreshing to see Mark’s “Simpleology” newsletter arrive in my inbox to help focus on what’s important and banish the dross.

Let’s take a look at his 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit.

Most online marketers are struggling to make a buck. I know because I was one. I don’t know of any other online marketer who has the confidence in their product to, effectively, give it to you free. Following the detailed paint by numbers steps with the 7 Day Business Turnaround Kit can put your business in profit within a couple of days even if you are presently having no success at all.

I have been part of $1000 per month systems and looked at more of the latest “membership” sites than you can shake a stick at and it feels kind of funny that after all this time I go back to the guy who created Search Hound, (sold for around $4M), all those years ago. As I said, Mark is an innovator.

Everybody learns differently. John Cleese made some highly successful short training films for the insurance and business sectors which, even though having comic content really pushed the point across – for me at least. I love cartoons and comedy as a general learning tool and sometimes if my interest is great enough I need to sit down and read a document. It’s as if Mark is reading my mind because his range of learning tools, audio and checklists are exactly what most people need to learn and stay focused.

I really can’t think of any reason why somebody needing to either make money online or grow their business would not be a part of the7 Day Business Turnaround Kit. Have look and get back to me with what you think.

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