A Look At WebCockpit 1.0

I thought a review on the system, which I use myself, would be useful for anybody wanting to turn, not just their business, but their lives around at the same time. That may seem like a bold statement but I have just finished doing the Daily Praxis, no it’s not a chant, and it’s really easy to concentrate on the important tasks for today – far more effective than a To Do list.

It was certainly time for me to do something as I was the most unorganized individual you could wish to meet. Bits of paper pinned and blue tacked everywhere, hastily scribbled Post-It notes so numerous they looked like wallpaper and a desk so cluttered with paper I could have slept comfortably on it.

And here’s the thing, if your work space is like a building site then the chances are your life revolves pretty much around the same axis. It was time to shape up and get organized.

is one of those things that, as the old saying goes “When the pupil is ready the Master will appear”. Simpleology had been on my PC for quite a long time and the coaching emails had been arriving as promised but at the time I was just too “busy” to pay it much attention.

A strange thing to say when it has been produced by one of the original and most successful Internet Marketers, Mark Joyner but, as I said earlier… student, teacher and so on.

Webcockpit 1.0 is part of Simpleology which is free to start and is a great introduction to the system. Apply the simple principles on a daily basis using the free software and you will find yourself becoming a lot more focused toward your goals. Distractions are minimized and results are easier to achieve.

Have you noticed that with a lot of membership programs part of the sales patter is pushing the “select members only community forum” and after you fork out your first monthly payment of thirty bucks you find the last trace of the community was 6 months ago and that was someone just saying Hello.

I don’t remember if the membership page for WebCockpit 1.0 even mentions a community, I don’t think so, but there sure as heck is an active forum going on and there is no cost to join. This is not an “I Worship Mark” community, it’s like minded people getting their life and business together and sharing ideas.

The system really does work if you let it. If you find that you are trying to juggle a hundred things every day and end up with little progress and a load of frustration, decide to spent 15 minutes a day for 5 days with Simpleology, it’s all free remember. After 5 days get back to me and let me know what it’s done for you.

Take a look at WebCockpit 1.0

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