Writing Articles. Content And The Google Interpretation.

Article Content Evolution is with us.

The way we have been writing articles, you know from keyword stuffing, (we’ve all done it), to judging a keyword / keyphrase density and hoping it’s just right for Google is on the way out.

Semantics, the page theme, contextual relevance, phrase matching and seeing if you’ve included those little words and phrases that are specific to whatever niche you are writing about, (eg surfers have a language of their own), will all go toward the relevancy Google will place on your article before it is included in the index.

Don’t worry about Yahoo and MSN. They are still indexing just about everything published on the Net so keep using using the meta tags and other traditional procedures.

It may be the case that before long even the use of the title tag, heading tag and the filename may not be necessary for the purposes of “assisting” Google into what our content is about.

A brief thought but one of relevance… before the days of programmers, algorithms and LSI I am sure we used to write topical and contextually relevant content to give a good “user experience” anyway! See what article spinners have done to us?


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