Beware Of Do Gooders Offering Business Advice


How often have you seen a reply on a forum, and there are many like this, which usually start off something like “I’m not an expert at this but I think you should…”

The whole point of participating in a forum, apart from ethically using your signature of course, is to either learn from people who know what they are talking about or to offer proper advice to someone in need of help.

The response from the Do Gooder is obviously well meant but is probably the result of them having either read about the topic in an ebook somewhere, (how dodgy is that!!?), or seen similar on a forum – equally dodgy in a lot of cases.

The problem is that the Do Gooders have no experience to appraise the initial information, they more than likely haven’t tested it out themselves so in their good natured rush to help you out you are being given bogus information.

There are many forums around that have very few experienced contributors. This works for you in as much as the Do Gooder, with his or her inexperience, is more likely to buy from your signature.

I don’t mean this to sound as if you have to go out and prey on the inexperienced, (although it now appears to be an “ethical and accepted” business practice), as you should always promote products you have personally used and feel good about letting others buy.

So go forth and use the forums to your advantage. Sell your wares, become more educated and offer only personally experienced advice to others.


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