Down And Dirty Internet Marketing Basics In 2009 Part 1

It’s painful to see the state of Internet marketing today. Never before has the phrase “the blind leading the blind” been more appropriate than trying to build a business online right now. The present trend of frenzied product launches and scraped content spun hundreds of times, do nothing to give real value to consumers. The clever psychological spin leaves people dizzy with confusion and makes them question their own judgment. This post will show people once and for all how to stop being a foolish follower and turn themselves into thinking and profitable individuals.

The aim is to produce a practical article with sound advice and absolutely no BS.

guru-cartoon2I am not a guru basher but there is a lot of misplaced blind faith in many of their followers and for some reason folk tend to forget that the bottom line with these top marketers is simply to extract money from them as efficiently as possible and as many times as possible. They are NOT your best buddies and they don’t really care how much debt you have, despite the bleeding heart protestations of having been where you are right now, because they are not social workers – no criticism intended on that point if it came across that way.

The whole reason for me mentioning the above paragraph and perhaps being a little harsh is that just about everybody has the mindset of a follower and they never seem to progress to being a leader which is what it’s all about to run our own business. Being on the mailing list of a hundred gurus and buying every single one of their products means that in 10 years time they will still be on the mailing list of a hundred gurus and still buying their products.

The Experts. There are many ways to travel from Bristol to Newcastle. If you listen to the “experts” in the local pub then Derek says to head up the A1 and you can’t miss it, Gwynne says to avoid the road works at Scotch Corner, Dave knows a shortcut through Sunderland, Alyson reckons a detour to Carlisle is worth a stop over and Jeff is fixated on a restaurant in York. All the information is workable but a simple trip is turning into a nightmare.

roadatlasSo why not buy a Road Atlas, (and you only need one!), and plan the route yourself? You know exactly where you are going, how you are going to get there and, REALLY importantly, you know exactly when you are going to arrive. No guesswork, no confusing information and no trying to follow others. You have done it yourself. There can only be so much listening and reading, nothing happens until positive action is taken.

Every Internet Marketing Guru has a different way of approaching the same task simply because they have different thought processes. So if you are trying to learn how to build a list and believe you are doing the right thing by paying a load of different experts thousands of dollars, it is worth considering that all you are really getting is a load of different roads and pathways attempting to lead you to the same place. Total madness!

A major mental and physical shift is needed to move from following to doing and most people never get it. Like the journey above, the online business journey can be fairly straight forward or a trip to hell and back.

True Entrepreneurs Are Not Followers. Most times they are not even experts when they start something BUT where they win and others lose is that they are DOERS who can finish a project.

The Old Brain. We only have one brain and the older we get the less we are able to multi task. Additionally, most of us only ever use a tiny fraction of our brains potential and the truth is that we will never get around to developing the rest. The moral here is to not get (too) frustrated, understand our limitations and work within them. We cannot do everything as it is just not possible. Outsourcing something for a hundred bucks can save not just months of learning the “how” and time involved in creation but it saves a lot of frustration and negativity.

The only way to start earning quickly. Most people are aware of the term ‘paralysis by analyses’ and it’s always worth keeping in mind because it truly is one of the major factors for online business failures. If you look at the people who make money fairly quickly online, without exception it is always the people who get just enough information to start the business ball rolling and then take action. They are not concerned with having everything 100% as they know this is just not possible. Websites and systems will never be perfect which is why we test and tweak all the time. We must take positive action and learn as we go.

Scarcity. Same old, same old! If it’s gone it’s gone. Do we honestly believe it will never be available again? It is so transparent to see anybody following the now ‘standard’ product launch strategy. Watch them offer you ‘early bird’ access ahead of the common crowd, close the doors to build extreme desire then email an apology with some excuse to allow just a ‘few’ more members have ‘limited’ access. Internet Marketing Scarcity is an expensive and unproductive game from a punters point of view so let the mugs melt the servers and max out their credit cards whilst you stand back and read the reviews, (real ones please!), at your leisure. Also ask yourself, do you really need yet another product?

It is not possible to have scarcity on a digital product unless it is purposely built in as a promotion strategy. When we are told the product numbers are strictly limited to protect us and not flood the market we have no verifiable proof that this number is actually being adhered to and the sales are actually terminated. There are very few people who could turn their back on hundreds or thousands of customers all with their credit cards out wanting to buy.

Of course the major players do close the doors but after the frenzy of their product launch they are all making anywhere between 2 and 4+ Million dollars every time they bring out a new product which is once or twice a year. They can afford to really close the doors because in between product launches they are involved in cross promoting the other guru products where the commissions are substantial which is why we now see the Bonus Cat Fighting Wars every month or so. As an example, Stompernet pays out to selected affiliates a monthly commission of more than $400 for every signup so this is obviously worth sharpening the claws for.

Bonuses. Give me a break. I hate bonuses. The only exception being is that with some of the major players you sometimes see a 1 on 1 or similar deal which is worth considering but 99% of the time bonuses are guaranteed to make you lose focus and be poor for the rest of your life. Anybody that has bought into a few big product launches will tell you, with few exceptions, they can’t even remember what the bonuses were after after a day or so.

quadbikeThe only bonus that has really stuck in my mind was a Quad Bike offered by someone during a Stompernet launch a while back. Just goes to show how much money there is to be made if you are invited to be an affiliate. It also begs the question whether such large affiliate payments are fair on the members who are paying $1,000 or more per month but the business model obviously works and people are happy to pay so it all comes down to choice.

The Quad Bike was a source of great controversy amongst the gurus promoting the Stompernet launch at the time and it was really amusing to read the emails rubbishing the marketer and piling even more perceived value onto their own bonuses. You just gotta laugh :-))

We all understand the “perceived value” strategy for fooling people into thinking a 2 bit product is worth thousands of dollars and it is used time and time again as it does trigger the emotional buying trigger. I guess it’s a business decision as to how people want their customers to perceive them in the long term.

Bonus Wars… The screen shot below shows only a handful of people pushing a major product and just demonstrates the feeding frenzy surrounding big product launches. In this instance, every single email is about Frank Kern’s MC2 and this is just a drop in the ocean compared to everybody involved in the promotion. I monitor most of the big players but in all seriousness, if anybody trying to learn how to make a buck online has an inbox looking anything like this they don’t have a snowballs chance of reaching Newcastle anytime soon.


There is no doubt that Frank’s MC2 is a great product but here’s the thing… Out of the thousands upon thousands that buy it, there will only be a handful of people who will take the information and run with it. As I type this, Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Manuscript launch is happening and you can bet your bottom dollar that a huge chunk of people who bought MC2 are buying into this as well. The point is that these people will still be following and buying other peoples Internet marketing products when Frank’s MC87 is released. It’s a shame because Newcastle is definitely worth a visit and they will never get there.

Useless Time Wasting Products With Short Or Non Existent Life Spans

“Google Dominatrix”, “Ultimate Google Secrets”, “Secrets of Google’s Back Passage”.

googlecrusherAnd other similar products all claiming to be able to defeat stupid old Google and give you a number 1 ranking in hours. This is all just pitiful crap. Let us stand away from the computer screen for just a minute, put on our Noddy reality hat and ask ourselves this simple question. “If I had a secret that is REALLY working quietly to produce a vast amount of money from gaming Google or any other system, am I seriously going to produce an eBook and share my strategy with a hundred thousand other people?”

Come on folks, they flog you this stuff when Google, or whatever, get’s wise to their game so, all you are buying is outdated unworkable information which thousands of other people are frantically, and simultaneously, trying to exploit whatever the “secret” happens to be. Even the bluntest tool in the box must see what a waste of time and money these products are for long term strategies.

The other scenario which is happening more and more frequently, is that these info products are either a cheap PLR bundle or, (frighteningly), existing article content scraped by people who are themselves learning Internet marketing.

“Twitter Dominatrix”, “Ultimate Twitter Secrets”, “Secrets of Twitter’s Back Passage”. Ditto as for Google. The crap peddlers just have another platform to work from now. Do you really need a $97 guide to tell you how to sign up for Twitter and write a sentence in 140 characters or less? Please, I feel like I’m going to choke! You can find all the information you will ever need for free with a little reasoned searching.

Down And Dirty Internet Marketing Basics In 2009 Part 2

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Down And Dirty Internet Marketing Basics In 2009 Part 2

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