Free Giveaways. Please tell me you are not seriously doing this nonsense.

It’s human nature to like free things. I love them – the more the better and let’s be honest, getting free stuff is a bit of fun.

I used to work in an industry that hands out freebies to it’s customers like cardboard hats, promo pens that didn’t work and other bits of nonsense. Most of this stuff I just used to throw straight in the bin to my staff’s horror. “Why don’t you give it away to the customers?”.

My reasoning, I told them, was that it’s more efficient to throw the stuff away now rather than have to pick it all up from the floor later and put it in the bin just when they want to go off shift and get to bed.

Whether it’s online or offline, freebies have no value. No matter who they come from they are generally treated with contempt. I mean, if it’s being given away it’s worthless right? We must have it because it’s free. There is no way we can not take a free gift.

But consider this. It is one thing to put a free green hat on your head in a pub and act like a dork for a few hours before throwing it on the floor, (there’s NO way the hat is going to make it to your home is there?), but why are people who are seriously trying to build an online business spending days, if not weeks, downloading hundreds and hundreds of Mb of old junk to pick up dust on their hard drive?

Can people not see that far from BUILDING an online business they are DESTROYING any chance they may have had to build something worthwhile.

Here’s the procedure which I am sure most people know but perhaps seeing it will make them think twice before wasting their time and go do something useful like spending a week writing articles to promote their business and make some money.

Step 1. The email arrives promising me Free This And Free That. Time limited / Very Special / Worth $100K, Yada, Yada…

Step2. Gotta grab this before I MISS OUT on all this great stuff. Clicks link and…

Step 3. Up pops the obvious OTO, (One Time Offer for newcomers), where my life is either going to be changed for ever and I can retire next week to my luxury pad in Malibu OR I am a hopeless loser because I have DARED to refuse their OTO and not give them $97. How STUPID am I??

Step 4. I have either spent $97 on stuff that I will never find the time to read, (but at least I got it, yeah?), or I have lost out on the “greatest deal of all time”. I can’t help but think what OTO could have been offered to Sampson the night before… whatever 😉

Step 5. Whether I am a “winner” or a “loser” I now have access to Free This And Free That. Time limited / Very Special / Worth $100K, Yada, Yada… There’s 15 pages of this junk sorry, rare material, and the excitement mounts! What shall I download first? Will it be the “Little Known 10 Million Secret Traffic Tactics” or should I go for, (gofer?), the “List Building Strategies That NOBODY Else Knows”. Never mind, let’s just start at number one and work my way through the list and I’ll make up my mind later – Yippee!

Step 6. There are 427 freebies and I have to give my name and email to join their list to every single one before I can download. Better get started, can’t hang around or else, or else – what? Never mind, let’s just get started signing up.

Step 7. What a surprise! I fill in the form and a OTO hits me. That means I now have to go through 427 OTO’s and either spend 425 x $97 or be a LOSER for the rest of my life.

Step 8. 2 weeks later after signing up with everything. Maxed out credit card and daily emails from 427 people I have agreed to receive in exchange for their most valuable, (umm), product. The PC is running sluggish due to the influx of spyware and maybe I need a bigger hard drive because the next big free giveaway is just round the corner -Alright!

Wonder where I saved the “Little Known 10 Million Secret Traffic Tactics”?

Can’t wait for Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year ’cause there are bound to be loads of really special free offers around then. (Oh, I forgot Easter and Owain Glyndwr’s birthday).

Take Care,


P.S. I just don’t understand why I am not making any money. I mean, I have so much great information you would think I would at least be able to buy an egg! Never mind, there is bound to be something in the NEXT Great Free Giveaway.

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