Guest Post by Jerry West: The CPA Marketing “Mindcrime”

It’s always good to read solid information and opinions from people who walk the walk. Enjoy this post from Jerry West. Full link to website below.


In November 2008, down in Las Vegas, there was a private session hosted by Brad Fallon, my boss at StomperNet, to showcase a system where you can make $100k a day in CPA Marketing.

I did the math in my head. That’s $36 million a year. There are some CPA networks that aren’t even doing that well. And here was a small team claiming to be making that.

So why in the world would I risk my job and come out with a blog post warning people to Do Not Buy the Arbitrage Conspiracy program? Because I couldn’t keep quiet over, in what I felt, was an unethical marketing ploy.

– Stating $100k days were being met when they were not
– “Start for as little as $50.00” soon changed to “at least $500” to start
– Constantly changing refund policy
– $800 check shown on sales page

Serioulsy, there was an $800 check (it is gone now) on the sales page but if we are really talking about a program to make $100k a day, let’s see checks for $5 million. This is why showing checks is one of the biggest red flags because you get caught up in the hype and your mind masks you from asking the real question: “What did it take to make that money?”

My cousin, Lisa Fairbanks, a single mom at the time, was the poster child for MLM Nu Skin and various people showed off her $30k a month checks to get others to sign up with the premise of “If a single mom can do it, so can you.” What they didn’t know is it was costing her more than $30k a month to generate that check and she was living at home with her parents. And her parents were also fully supporting her and her young daughter.

Just because it is a check doesn’t mean the amount is free and clear. I did this about two years ago at a conference. I showed off a very sizeable AdSense check. It was an amount most people in the workforce would earn in a year. People gathered around me and a frenzy started. They wanted me to teach them how to earn the same amount. It got a little crazy.

“I need to earn that much per month too, I want in,” someone yelled. “Wait,” I interrrupted, “I never said I made this in a month, you assumed that.” And that was the reality. I hadn’t said anything, I simply showed the check and the “stories in their heads” started spinning out of control.

What was true?

I had moved and my old business address sent my AdSense check back to Google, so they held it and I finally updated my information about 8 months later. The result? A huge check, but it wasn’t for one month as people assumed it was.

They were taught a valuable lesson that I hope you take away from here. Checks mean nothing. For once I would like to see a marketer show their tax return instead of canceled checks. It matters little what you make. It matters more what you keep.

It doesn’t matter what clothes they wear. They could have been bought with their sixth credit card as the other five are maxed out.

It doesn’t matter the car they drive. It could be a rental, borrowed, or fully financed.

Their house? Also doesn’t matter. It could have three mortgages.

Does this sound like a typical guru to you?

“If you want happiness, you need to let go of happiness. If you want success, you must let go of success. If you want to be rich, give me all of your money.”

As ridiculous as that may sound, there is a ton of truth behind it. I don’t have an agenda behind exposing this program. In fact, had I promoted the system I probably would have made $20k. However, I believe that one’s integrity is worth more than any amount of money. Yes, even in this economy. 🙂

So, I invite you to learn more about CPA from someone who has been doing it for nearly a decade. Me. I don’t profess to be making $100k a day, but I am very successful. Sign up for my course by filling out the information below. You will need a basic knowledge of PPC, keyword research, access to a good web designer, a solid web host, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

I promise you nothing, as that is exactly what this course will cost you.

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