Hope You Didn’t Buy The SEOPressor Plugin

I was seriously thinking of buying the SEOpressor plugin for WordPress but held back, firstly because around $100 is a heck of a lot to pay for a plugin and secondly to check out reports of actual usage from bloggers long after the actual launch hype. I know there is a single license $47 version but who has only one blog nowadays?

[Opinion] – Please feel free to disregard or disagree] I am actually getting fed up with these people charging ridiculous prices for what in effect are very basic plugins. If we take SEOpressor as an example, there is nothing it does that a moderately experienced blogger isn’t doing most of the time anyway because it’s just basic SEO procedure.

The sales page is full of the usual hype “suggesting” high search engine rankings, access to “secrets” with unlimited wealth and, quite frankly, it’s getting to be tedious in the extreme.The affiliate commissions on SEOpressor are 70% so this explains the high cost of the plugin.

I”m not against “salesy” money pages as long as they are factual and honest and I certainly have no  issue with people making money and paying affiliate commissions but, IM products are going off the rails at the moment charging exorbitant prices with unnecessarily high affiliate commissions and the sales pages are increasingly being less than honest in what they deliver.

In the “real” world the market is determined by what people will pay because they have a more natural perception of the cost of something. Unfortunately, online, newbies especially are bombarded with pitchy list emails and false affiliate reviews and, knowing no better, they buy in good faith. A few years ago you just lost ten or twenty bucks, now it’s becoming hundreds or even thousands of dollars so we all need to be more careful. Even those with some experience under their belt.

OK, back to the coffee and meds… 🙂


Anyhow, I’m glad I held back because there is a completely FREE version of this with all the features of SEOpresor from the guys at BloggerHigh. It’s called the Blogger High SEO Plugin and works just fine on WP 3.+

You can grab it at the following link with no shady tactics or upsells: Blogger High SEO Plugin

Many thanks to the guys at Blogger High.

Additionally, I found a great little site called PixelPipe which makes it easy to publish photos, video, audio, and text documents to over 100 Web 2.0 portals.

Obviously the initial setting up is going to be tedious, having to open accounts and enter access details into PixelPipe but it’s well worth the effort. Take a look: http://pixelpipe.com/

Thanks for reading

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