Is Peter Drew’s Bruteforce SEO a scam, Comparison SENuke Review

SEnuke Review | Is Peter Drew’s Bruteforce SEO a scam? (Now EVO2)

  • Does Bruteforce SEO deliver the killer knockout punch as claimed?
  • Is Brute Force really crawling with experts as claimed ready to boost your business to the next level?
  • How does it compare to SENuke?

First off I have to say that what works for one is a nightmare for someone else and software of this complexity is always going to have issues because it’s battling the elements all the day – operating systems, servers, program changes and so on. So these are facts and are based on how things went for me personally.

I did the 7 day free trial with Bruteforce SEO and had no option but to upgrade to the full $137 membership because some features and selected forum access are not made available during the trial. Not sure how you can have a proper trial if things are hidden.

Comparison to SENuke: SENuke gives a 7 day free trial, (BFS is a $1), with full access so nothing is hidden.

First impressions of BFS is that it is clumsy with separate modules when surely for the price they should be integrated.

Comparison to SENuke: All modules are integrated into a tidy work area and are wayyyyyyyyy more intuitive than the Bruteforce SEO setup. Bruteforce SEO Social Account Creator. For me this was a total fiasco. How it is meant to work is to automatically sign up with Social bookmark sites, article directories, RSS and Video sites and record the login details to a text file.

Out of 65 sites it appeared that only 8 had worked. Checking the text file this was the case. Now I retried the submission process and just received errors. I had to go and sign up manually. Unfortunately, despite nothing being recorded in the Bruteforce SEO software files, the software had actually signed up to a lot of the sites.

This started to become really frustrating because now you don’t know which sites have been signed up and which haven’t. I manually went through all the sites to check and entered the details on the text file. Because of the confusion this takes a whole lot longer than just going to sign up at a site without using this software. By this time frustration is starting to set in.

Comparison to SENuke: Went through the process of signing up seamlessly and left a little green tick for success and a red cross for failures so it’s easy to see. There were 2 failures with and Mister-Wong.

Bruteforce SEO Training material: What an absolute joke. Peter Drew’s training material is abysmal and references old modules and procedures. There is an attempt by one of the moderators, who is very helpful, to update the videos but obviously training material takes a back seat in Brute Force. Whilst I was a member the only help you could get was from a moderator and a handful of members in the forum. Peter Drew was not an active member of the forum but he did pass comment occasionally. One of my questions addressed directly to Peter Drew was left unanswered. A favorite, much used comment is “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Usually this is in response to something not working and telling people to try something else.

From the Bruteforce SEO sales page: [Fight Club = Forum] “The Incredible SEO Fight Club is without equal in the IM world. Packed to the rafters with top SEO Professionals, Traffic Experts, Niche Research Experts, Copywriters, PPC Gurus etc., as well as your fellow users of the system, many of them expert, this insanely powerful resource is the hidden secret of this sensational package.”

I guess I must have missed this during the 4 weeks I was there.

Comparison to SENuke: The SENuke videos are relevant, professional and up to date save one. The forum is well organized and you receive an answer from the owners within 24 hours.

The Main Brute Force Module. Appearance is like a child has knocked it together. If you’re paying $20 then OK but at the price it should look and feel a lot more professional. The first thing you notice is that the sales page is telling lies. You are told that Google Knol and Google Page Creator are part of the setup and they are not implemented anywhere within Bruteforce SEO.

Why he has to lie about this I do not know. A question in the forum from myself and another member regarding this went unanswered by Peter Drew. Signing up to Tripod, Geocities, Yahoo, MSN, WordPress and Blogger only brought an error from Yahoo but this was probably a Yahoo issue. The software correctly recorded the signups. The first thing to have gone right with Bruteforce SEO.

The RSS module worked but my standalone program is much faster.

Comparison to SENuke: SENuke is just easier to work with and “feels” good. It’s like the difference between professionally baked fresh bread and the supermarket stale sliced loaf.

Brute Force Article Directory Module –


Well, the best thing I can do here is to show my rough notebook used for these things…

As you can see the results are frustrating to say the least.

The thing is the software is obviously rotten with glitches as exactly the same thing happened as with the Social Account Creator module – it signed up for some programs but no record was made so the whole fiasco started again checking through the submissions.

Any standalone article submitter software, even the free ones, are better than this module.

You can’t help but think, “I’ve paid $137 for what?”

Total worthless junk.

Comparison to SENuke: SENuke performed flawlessly.

Peter Drew’s Goldigger Keyword Research Tool It’s Adequate and can be used to find niches without overcomplicating matters. However, like most of Bruteforce SEO, the Adwords Ads displayed were designed for a purpose and just don’t do what they were meant to! They were initially there to show if you had a niche where advertisers were spending money but Google has obviously stopped sending relevant ads to this address.

Comparison to SENuke: The SENuke keyword research tool is superb. It gives you a choice to use Google or Wordtracker and once again, it does what it says on the tin.

The Bruteforce SEO Sales Page Misleads People. bf-lie1

Captured image from the Brute Force sales page where it specifically states that Google Page Creator and Google Knol are part of the Brute Force Setup. Now, I’m not sure how this works in the mind of Peter Drew but if you lie on your sales page and take money from people then in my book that’s a damned low life trick. As mentioned elswhere Peter Drew has not replied to separate members questions in the forum regarding this issue. We were totally ignored. The good news is the other sites are there as stated.

REFUND – There is no refund with Bruteforce SEO after the $1 trial period even though certain parts of the Bruteforce SEO program are hidden until you pay the full fee by which time, as stated, he WILL refuse you a refund. I was amazed at this because, (unless it has changed now), there was no mention of this on the sales page. This left a really bad taste in my mouth and it is unfortunate that I will never use or recommend anything to do with Peter Drew ever again.

Comparison to SENuke: 7 Day Free Trial where you have access to the entire program and then a 30 day refund period after you have paid the full fee. They obviously have full confidence in their program and want their customers, whether they stay or not, to have the best experience possible. Very professional.

Conclusion I have to say that Bruteforce SEO was a terrible customer experience. Probably one of the worst I have ever had online. I spent a minimum of 5 hours per day for 10 days trying to get this working because I agree with the strategy but just want to automate the tasks. In the end I was becoming become more and more frustrated because I just wanted something to work. You know, does what it says on the tin sort of thing.

The Final Result, By A Knockout In The First Round… SENuke

I am using SENuke now on a full time basis and it really is superb. Friendly, honest support who listen to you and solve problems and a dedication to make their program the best it can be. I unreservedly recommend SENuke to anyone looking for an automated promotion system that actually works. or my Affiliate Link For SENuke Free Trial – If you use my affiliate link please contact me anytime via the help desk if you require help and additional strategies.

If the review appears a little one sided then it is because there is no comparison. I state for the record I have no self serving interest in SENuke other than it is a matter of choice for me to use their affiliate program in the future. It could equally have been Bruteforce SEO, which pays higher commissions, but there is no way I could ever be associated with it? You may like to see this other post regarding Peter Drew and Bruteforce SEO Here

Update: I have been meaning to write an updated post on this especially as EVO2 has been released. Unfortunately I don’t presently have the time it takes to setup and learn the system and to be honest I don’t want to spend $150+ on a program that has bitten me once already.

Also, and this is a genuine reason, the BF forum is a mess. It’s like going to a really noisy pub on a Friday night and having to fight your way to the bar with people screaming in your ear and techno babble thumping away in the background at a decibel level to rival a jet fighter. I prefer the calm orderliness of the SEO forum where Areeb deals honestly with members in a quiet, but firm, manner.

Anyhow, I have found a few comments that are worth sharing relating to the Brute Force SEO / EVO 2 / SENuke debate which is another post.

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