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Keyword Snatcher Development. There are very few marketers online who can truthfully call themselves experts in what they are selling. Most are big list merchants looking for maximum commission and despite the exaggerated claims made on behalf of the product they really have no clue whether it’s any good or not. Their formula is basically to earn a few bucks from everybody on their list and expect a 5% refund rate.

That’s OK as far as it goes but don’t you truly value those guys who honestly understand Internet marketing, have made it their business to know all there is to know about Internet marketing and develop really helpful tools to make our life a lot easier? I certainly do.

Jon Leger is one of those guys. Every time he brings out a new solution it’s innovative and it’s fresh. People clone and copy off Jon Leger, not the other way around. If you are not on his mailing list you should go to scroll down the page a little and sign up.

The Best Spinner is the last software he brought out around February time and it has surpassed all my expectations for a spinning tool. It is still being improved and developed at no extra cost. As expected, it really is THE best spinner available today and I use it several times a week.

Jon’s latest software is called Keyword Snatcher and this again is oozing freshness and innovation.

You see, this is what puts Jonathon ahead of the herd. Others have read it on Ezine Articles or seen a freebie pre-launch video or picked up info on a forum and now they think they are experts on keyword research and SEO. Unfortunately for their readers they are only rehashing opinions and half truths which most forums thrive on.

Here’s why you should take Jonathan seriously: He has developed his OWN search engine, (you read that right!), and his OWN very popular social-knowledge site called Having access to information and tools from someone who is at the cutting edge of Internet marketing technology is truly valuable – and he doesn’t talk geek speek which is a huge bonus 🙂

OK, now you know the guy behind Keyword Snatcher I’ll tell you a little about the tool. There is a self explanatory video on the website but here’s my realistic take on it.

If you are marketing online you do keyword research. Thing is, you are probably using the Google keyword tool, or some software which utilizes the Google keyword tool, because it’s recommended by almost EVERY other “guru” out there.

Through practical research Jon has found out that Google is giving you a very miserly collection of keywords and there are thousands of key phrases, loaded with commercial intent 🙂 , being searched for every day that Google will not tell you about.

Knowing these lucrative key phrases obviously opens a host of opportunities to create new pages or update and enhance existing ones to expand your keyword “catch-all” basket. Even if you have an existing tool, (I personally own Market Samurai and Keyword Elite), you should take a look at the Keyword Snatcher video.

Keyword Snatcher Is No Longer Available – see my review on an almost identical product called Flash Keyword Miner

Bye for now

UPDATE: Keyword Snatcher was only available for one week after it’s launch to seriously reduce the competition as a benefit to it’s owners so I am not sure when it will be available again.

If it’s not currently available you may wish to sign up for “The Realistic Marketers” newsletter to give you the latest heads up on the availability and other important Internet marketing news.

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