Mashable Mark Hopkins Attacks John Reese

Overview – John Reese emailed his list asking them to follow him on Twitter. Their personal choice is obviously yes or no. Nothing more complicated than that. Duncan Riley, who received the email blogged a “Pending Sign of the Twitter Apocalypse“ and Mark Hopkins responded with an attack on John on the Mashable blog Is Twitter Vulnerable to Marketer Attack?

I am stoked about the post by Mark Hopkins on Mashable with an unfounded personal attack on John Reese. John is a forward thinker and innovator who has been doing ethical business on the Internet for what is now approaching 20 years. That is several life times in Internet terms. The Internet is a harsh, self regulating and unrelenting place to do business and if you are not above board you don’t last 18 years – period!

So BlogRush didn’t turn out as expected. For some reason the puppy slayer is harping on and on and on about what is, after all, a free service. “Switch it off Mark!” Go someplace else. Did you expect to get 10,000 visitors a day from John’s “free” service to make you rich without doing anything and it didn’t happen? Is that the main gripe why you obviously hate the free BlogRush service and in turn feel justified in “trying” to hang John out to dry?

For myself, I have only recently started using BlogRush and it is working as advertised. If it wasn’t I would spent 30 seconds to remove the code and it wouldn’t bother me ever again. Otherwise I guess I could always start a hate campaign against John the e-book salesman!

The front page of BlogRush does not offend me and I do not find it misleading – I am intolerant of hype, half truths and misleading statements.

The vitriol oozing from Hopkin’s every orifice and pore is apparent in a quote such as “known Web 2.0 flopster and prolific e-book salesman John Reese”


You can catch John’s response at: Wake Up Call: Web 2.0 Wouldn’t Exist Without Internet Marketers

Within the “theme” of this post, i.e. IMers being attacked for being IMers, it is worth noting the following short video from bruceprokopets which I found. Thanks Bruce:

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