More Evidence That Google Is Continually Delisting Spam Blogs

I have recently been looking into automated systems like WordPress Direct and BruteForce SEO and I can’t shift my thinking from the fact that all these auto systems are really just Google Bait waiting to be devoured, passed through the system and excreted like junk food. OK, a bit extreme but you get my drift 😉

I was lurking around the BlackHat SEO forum recently and a post caught my eye relating to Google deindexing a lot of the WPMU sites. (WordPress Multi User for those that are unaware). We all know that a lot of these sites are are just splogs with little useful content anyway and WordPress itself normally does a reasonable job of cleaning house.

What did interest me though was the fact that this is direct evidence that Google absolutely IS consistently proactive in looking for footprints for spam content and no matter how much the automated system owners declare their “whitehat” innocence and put a great spin on a suspiciuous feature, if they have systems that produce duplicate low quality content, as determined by Google and not the program owners, then it is likely that your $150 per month over the past 9 months or so will have been a waste of money. It does appear to be true that it is a matter of WHEN it happens and not IF.

Here are some posts from the forum users:

“I found hundreds of wpmu blogs were deleted from Google Index. Someone know the reason?”

“Yes. it’s true.
Many wordpress mu are spammer target, if they don’t protect their web, google deindex them..
Some of my wp mu blog already banned by google!!”

“Yeah, looks like G is coming down on WPMU installs. I have lost 2 of mine in google as well.”

“Looks like I’ll have to go to plan B.”

“Can someone remind me what Plan B is again please??”

“I’ve been doing a bit of searching on the big G and there are still approx 660000 MU blogs listed. Which rather begs the question how they decide what is and isn’t spammy?”

“I’m currently in the process of getting one of mine listed. So far it is unlisted, so this could be interesting.”

“I have lost my first wpmu install and I had all original content on the 2 sub domains I had setup. So not sure why I’m gone, but this is not good as I had an entire plan setup for wpmu installs. aaaaahhhhhhh damn you google.”

“That is why i stopped using MU, it is to easy for G to find them and kick them out of the SERPS, now i do it the old fashion way, manual with Fantastico using different templates low competition niches and now i stay nicely in the SERPS and i am even making some money with eBay and AdSense.”

“Mine are all ok, even the blatantly spammy mortgage/finance blogs on the MU install have not budged.”

“I checked my own 6 wp mu and 3 are banned. I do not know why? Maybe the spammers overuse wp mu.”

“As is see it MU is one BIG footprint and slowly but surely G is taking them down, i see all over the boards that people are complaining about MU even wh blogs get banned because they get abused by scripts that create blogs like SEnuke.”

“Regrettably I have to include my WPMU – bitter in one way but am comforted in the knowledge I’m not alone.”

“Arbitrary Google BS teaches me a good lesson about planning for the IM future. Thank you Google.”

“As long a method has been over spamming, google will step in and remove them from their listing. Best is stay low profile, use method that is less detectable.”

It’s interesting to note that people, instead of wanting to develop a whitehat strategy so they will be indexed forever, actually want to look for a “method that is less detectable”. Have a look at this screenshot and note how many users are viewing the Blackhat / Whithat forums.


It just goes to show that we humans are suckers for anything that we perceive to be a quick and easy way to make money. Strange how almost 90% of the “civilized” world do not even have enough cash to retire on, don’t you think? So I guess it’s a lifetime of perpetually looking for the easy, quick automated solution that is going to buy the dream house next year but in reality all the time and effort is just a waste.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect on the tortoise, hare and Brer Rabbit pilosophies.

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