Shawn Casey And Tellman Knudson Showcase “Every Listbuilding Trick Known To Man”

I don’t often do reviews or even mention the product launches from the “big boys” mainly because I don’t believe that someone just starting out needs to spend $1,000 +++ per month to get to grips with Internet marketing. They can learn enough for next to nothing to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to start to build an online business.

The sales psychology from these guys is so intense and so powerful that many people ending up spending money they don’t have and I don’t want to be a part of that.

Anyhow, onto Shawn and Tellman…

Now, whether or not they have a big ticket launch planned in the near future I have no idea. Jeff Walker hasn’t mentioned them that I am aware of so we may be lucky and have a brief respite from the continuous onslaught of these big launches 😉 BUT, I did receive the info from a Stompernet email and these are usually linked to an affiliate commission somewhere along the line.

The reason for mentioning “Every Listbuilding Trick Known To Man” is that the free material given out so far is definitely worth learning for the newbie. There is one intro video and 6 additional instructional videos covering the absolute basics, (web hosting, ftp, autoresponders and so on), that a newcomer needs to know.

I consider List Building to be the absolute #1 priority for an Internet business and surprisingly, despite being told all the time, hardly anybody takes this very seriously.

I suggest we all suck up as much information as we can on this topic from 2 world class experts and put their experience to work for us.

I notice on their blog that the whiners have already started to appear and chime in with their 2c worth of crap. Not that many, but enough to re-confirm that whatever you do, whatever you give, some people will always be rude and ungrateful.

Here is an excerpt from their excellent publication “The Great Extinction”. Go watch the movie, get signed up and read the whole thing.

By the way: I am not doing this for any affiliate commission because there ain’t none!

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Excerpt From “The Great Extinction”

Myth Number 1: People think that list building and email marketing is complicated.

Actually, it’s not complicated. When Tellman got started, he had no idea how to put up a webpage. The fact of the matter is, if you can log into a free email account like Hotmail or Yahoo and press the “send” button, then you can do email marketing. And it’s really that easy. If you aren’t sure, you will definitely be sure after you watch our free video training.

Myth Number 2: It’s hard.

It’s only hard if you decide it’s hard, but it really isn’t that hard. In fact, many people that are very successful with email marketing are not even writing the emails they send. They’re simply taking a prewritten email, they’re inserting their link, and they’re sending the email. That’s it!

And then because it’s tracked through an affiliate program, they just get a check the next month. If you send lots of emails, bam, you get lots of checks, and some of them are big checks, which is really, really fun.

In fact, just as a side note, before Shawn started with all this different promotional marketing via email, he used to not like getting the (snail) mail


simply because he always got a lot of bills in the mail. Now he likes going out to the mailbox and getting the mail. “I’m like a little kid, because generally I get more checks in the mail I do bills. And damn, that’s fun!”

Myth Number 3: You have to create tons of content and be a good writer to make this work.

Not true! As a matter of fact, we’ll expose that myth right now. This special report that you’re reading, we recorded it in audio, got it transcribed, and had someone else edit it down. Shawn and I just talked. You don’t have to create a lot of content, and you don’t have to write if you don’t want to. As a matter of fact, I create very, very little content at all. Some of my best selling products and programs and everything else came from somebody else. The content I do create usually has something to do with what’s going on in my life anyway. I talk about what I’m doing that day, and tie it in to a marketing message. That’s it. You don’t have to create a lot of content.

Myth Number 4: People will get mad if I send them email.

People are really worried about this. Now it’s true, okay, first of all: some people will get mad. But the reality is it doesn’t matter. Some people, when you send them email, will not want to be on your list anymore. They’re going to leave. That’s okay because they were going to leave sooner or later anyway, so it doesn’t matter. What you have to focus on is the people who didn’t leave—they’re your future customers. And there will always be more of those.

The way that you want to measure your success is dollars and cents. This is a business. It is measured in terms of profits. And so it’s really simple. If you push the button every day to send email and every day you make $1,000, at the end of the month you have $30,000. Maybe some people unsubscribed from your email list, and certainly that will be the case. But you know what? On day 31 when you send an email again and you make another $1,000, you will not be counting the number of people who unsubscribed; you’ll be counting the checks you’re depositing in your bank account. And that is the most important thing. That’s easy enough.

Myth Number Five: No one responds to email anymore.

And that is probably the furthest thing from the truth. Tellman bought his million-dollar home because people respond to email. Proof is in the pudding. That’s it, period. End of story.

One more thing – and here’s a big hint, folks. You’re probably reading this report because you got an email that invited you to come and see the video and read this report. You respond; so do other people.

Myth Number Six: I’ll be called a spammer.

Many people are concerned that sending a lot of email makes them a spammer. That’s not true.

First of all, spam is technically not illegal. It is considered against the rules of server hosts and ISPs.

But the reality is that spam is not what this is all about. This is about permission-based emails. Spam is really considered by most people to be unsolicited email, email they did not ask to receive. People are going to opt into your list and agree to receive email from you and all the promotions that you want to send them. They can get off your list at any time.

If they get mad and they call you a spammer (even though you’re not), just go and unsubscribe them from your list and never send them email again and don’t worry about it. Because, again, just because you send email doesn’t make it wrong, it doesn’t make you a spammer. But if you don’t send email, you don’t make any money.

Myth Number Seven: No one knows just what’s legal.

We’re going to answer that in our free training because it’s a little longer than what we can say here. But essentially, as long as you’re sending email to people who have requested it and opted in to receive it, you have your name and address at the bottom of the email to identify who the sender is, if it’s your promotion, if you’re promoting for someone else, if you have the other company’s name and address in that email, and you have a valid working unsubscribe link in that email, which is normally put in by the company you use to send the email, then you’re legal.

Just don’t use misleading content. Don’t trick people by saying the email’s about one thing and then sending them to a completely unrelated webpage or anything. So that’s generally what’s legal. It’s not hard to get.

Myth Number Eight: Autoresponders are really complicated.

An autoresponder is simply the system that you use to send email to your list. That’s it! It stores all the names and emails for your list and it sends emails to your list. It can even do it automatically, even while you’re away or on vacation, without any extra work on your part. An autoresponder is really, really, really simple. It’s just as easy and simple to use as a free email account.

You don’t have to be really technically oriented to do this, because if you can log in and read your email now, you can do this. Especially, again, after you watch our step-by-step free video training, you’re going to know exactly how to do this and so there will be no mystery left when we’re done. It’s going to be very easy for you to follow and do all this.

Myth Number Nine: I can’t get started because I don’t have a list yet.

We don’t know of a single successful marketer who started with a list. We don’t even know of a single unsuccessful marketer that started with a list. Nobody on the face of the earth starts with a list. So that’s really great news. That’s why we’re teaching you how to build one absolutely for free in this program.

You may be thinking, I sent email once and nothing happened. Well, then you should send more email, as we mentioned before. But the reason it probably didn’t happen is you either didn’t have enough people on the list (if you sent it to, like, very few people), or you were not building a list that was targeted to a specific market.

And again, all of our free training is going to teach you how to do this. We’re not trying to dodge answering these questions, just these are non-issues once you see the training that we’ve got that tells you how to do this.

Myth Number Ten: I’m not interested in selling products or services about how to make money.

Well, some people do want to do that and some people don’t. The good news is that the Internet is a much bigger place than how to make money.As a matter of fact, the vast majority of products and services sold on the Internet today have nothing to do with making money – by a long shot.

About 98% of the products and services sold on the Internet today have nothing to do with making money. So if you don’t want to sell products or services that have anything to do with making money, then you’re in great company with pretty much the rest of the world.


Hope you learned something,


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