Some Great Info From Perry Marshall

Just wanted to share with you an email I received from Perry today.

Today, a few discoveries you may enjoy as much as I have.

First, I always liked the idea of a thesaurus but when I’m actually trying to write something, somehow I don’t find most of them the least bit helpful. But here’s an online tool I just love: – Generates visual trees of related keywords, sort of like a mind map. You type in a term and rich word trees spring up. Then you can click on the next word and the next word and the tree continues to morph. I just sent the latest Renaissance Club newsletter to the printer and I think I used it six or seven times to find just the perfect word. There’s a free demo and a yearly membership is a paltry $20. Give it a whirl.

Spy Intelligence: Sometimes it’s quite useful to have an idea of what your competitors are doing on Pay Per Click, what keywords they’re bidding on, what they’re spending, stuff like that. Disclaimer: Neither of these tools provides a completely accurate picture but they’re both very useful: – Gives you a list of major keywords your competition is bidding on, an estimate of their daily budget, data about their organic listings, average bid position, and how many competitors they have. Rather insightful. – A related technology, but presented in a different way. The keyword list it generates is incomplete but quite helpful. – Type in a word and it gives you related terms and concepts. – Following pop culture to see what’s hot this week? This is a great place to do it, ‘cuz the clicks always tell a story. I don’t know that this is terribly useful for keyword research per se (unless you have a very deliberate strategy that plays on celebs & stuff like that) but it certainly gives you topic ideas that you can tie into newsletters, rants, etc. The equivalent tool on Google is called Zeitgeist:

Google’s Keyword Suggest – – as you type a search term, Google suggests related words.

For $29.95/month I’m giving away my $49 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords and $570 of CD’s, reports and critique certificates, just for giving my Renaissance Club a good college try. The best no-lose, no-brainer proposition I’ve ever offered:

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Have fun with this stuff.

Perry Marshall

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