Sylvie Fortin And Internet Marketing Sins Part 2

Way to go Sylvie.

You are one ballsy lady and you have my highest respect.

If Internet Marketing Sins Part 1 didn’t make people sit up and take notice they must be brain dead. Internet Marketing Sins Part 2 has changed up a gear. It is so powerfully down to Earth and honest it has to be the book of the year for 2008.

Sylvie Fortin Internet Marketing Sins
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If you have actually done anything with an online business there is something in IMS Part 2 that will relate to you and your online practices. Tactics and strategies pushed onto us by certain gurus at a great cost are definitely having the effect of holding back our business and in some ways could even be hurting us both personally and professionally and we just didn’t realize it.

You will not be able to read Internet Marketing Sins without making a few judgment calls – some good, some bad. Sylvie is unfortunately going to lose friends over this. Although, like relationships in our personal life, anything built on half truths or lies will eventually have issues so maybe “friends” is not the right word.

Make no mistake, this is major cleaning house for Internet Marketing and I sincerely hope that some progressive change happens as a result but it is going to take both you and me to help this along. For my part in the future, if I see any false scarcity scams or upsell hell scenarios or anything where as a list member I am treated as a marketers personal wallet then I don’t give a crap who they are, they are gone from my life. If there is an opportunity to comment on why I am unsubscribing from their list then I shall do so –  factually and without emotion.

So, Sylvie Fortin deserves our support on this one and for my part I have identified a few areas which need consideration, (like upsells), and will put my own house in order.

Unfortunately it will be a while before we see the end of total crap pushing yet ANOTHER “I’m cleverer than Google” product like this garbage I just received in my inbox. Whether or not this Google Wealth Wizard 2 (yech), is any good I’ll never know because my fist thoughts on receiving this email were “crap, lies, scammers” so I’ll never look at it. Here’s a section of the email:

“Google Wealth Wizard 2 is now here. 35 year-old former
grocery store worker ‘steals’ the secret hidden formula
that the the wealthy underground Clickbank affiliates have
been hiding from everyone for 2 years, which allows him to
quietly pocket up to $500 per day from Google.”

Comment: Oh Please! The poor boy gets rich has been done to death. The usual secret formula ploy and promise of easy money. This is pathetic in the extreme. The email goes on…

“Basically, a guy called Kenny has just taken the Internet
Marketing world by storm, ‘legally stealing’ a secret
Clickbank affiliate marketing formula that is making him
and other savvy underground marketers over $500 a day.”

Comment: Bullshit. Is anybody with a system that is nice and quietly earning them $500 a day going to ruin this by letting us know the “secret”? Of course not. Why insult our intelligence? And more…

“Some of the underground Clickbank affiliates that Kenny has
‘stolen’ these methods from make even more money than he
does. Kenny calls these underground guys the ‘Google
Bandits’. These guys make more money than you’ve probably
seen in your life, and they’re doing it very easily from
Google, on complete auto-pilot.”

Comment: So I fork out my cash to this guy and become a “Google Bandit”. This super secret Google cheat is not just easy, it is all done automatically so I can actually earn $500 a day by doing nothing which is what auto-pilot implies? Are you on drugs or what?

The rest of the (long), email goes on in the same vein but toward the end we get hit with…

“How can you get your greedy little paws on this
mind-blowing system? Well, you will need to move with
speed, the demand for it is huge, its going to go fast, and
there is no guarantee that it will even stay on sale for

Comment: And there you have it in a nutshell. If it wasn’t for greed this junk email would never be written. Why are these people telling blatant lies? It’s a digital product. There is no scarcity. Are they going to let money slip through their greedy little paws by suddenly saying “No More Left”?

So, in the spirit of of Internet Marketing Sins here’s the solution for both buyer and seller.

To the seller: Stop sending out these emails which lie and give false hope to genuine people.

To the buyer: If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme you should realize that online NOTHING can be done on auto-pilot. Everything has to be researched, set up and maintained. If this product was really telling the truth, and could be done automatically and easily just by copying, then everyone with an Internet connection would be making $500 a day using this “secret” and of course we know that is not true.

I am not knocking this product as I have no idea what it’s all about although I can hazard a very good guess. My issue is with the promotion tactics.

As a general note, any product claiming to have insider secrets on how to “work” Google is usually just a guide to Adsense or Adwords or supposed SEO trickery. There are enough genuinely good free products available to get a solid grounding in these topics and there are no secrets involved.

Thank you Sylvie. I can’t wait to see what Internet Marketing Sins Part 3 holds for us!


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