Why Internet Marketing Upsells Are Bad

Internet Marketing Upsells

I was out doing my brisk walking exercise recently and listening to yet another mp3 on Internet marketing that was being given away as part of the (now) all too familiar and totally predictable product launch sequence.

To be honest, the thing that struck me was that almost nothing has really changed in basic Internet marketing techniques over the past 4 or 5 years despite the thousands of $7 WSO’s all claiming to have discovered a magical new “loophole” or “secret system“.

For some reason, whenever I think of WSO’s nowadays it conjures up an image of a spotty kid hunkered down in their bedroom  scraping enough information from other people’s hard work to knock together some 10 page report to make themselves look like an expert. It never used to be like that but hey, that’s for another post!

Anyhow, the point of THIS post is that on the mp3, much attention was given to Internet marketing upsells and how you are leaving huge amounts of money on the table if you are not doing this.

Yeah I know, same old, same old… but bear with me.

The webinar hosts went on to say that everybody is griping about Internet marketing upsells but those same people have no problem with Burger King or MacD’s offering them an upsell when they are buying burgers so what exactly are “these people” whining about?

Now, on the face of it this seems like a fairly reasonable comment but, if you churn it over a little you can see why this IM upsell tactic is really quite nasty, or at least it can be.

The thing is that when you upsize with MacD’s you know EXACTLY what you are getting.

  • There are few people who don’t understand the dietary and health risks of fast food.
  • There are few people who don’t know that the fizzy drink and apple fritter in the upsell are loaded with refined sugar.
  • There are few people who don’t know that the fries and onion rings are loaded with unhealthy, (but really enjoyable), fat.

You see, the thing is that when we decide to upsize our order, that is to accept their upsell, we are fully informed about what we are going to receive when we hand over our cash.  We have made an Informed Choice.

We all know that upsells are common in the offline market place but the chances of getting junk are the total reverse of Internet marketing upsells. Offline you probably have a 1 in 10 chance of being fleeced whereas online you have a 1 in a 10 chance of actually paying for something of value.

So, the problem with Internet marketing upsells is that just about every time you click the yes button, you have no idea what you are really paying for and that just about every time you are going to receive junk.

Which brings us neatly back to the spotty youth churning out pathetic WSO’s or similar in their bedroom.

Rubbish content suitable for low cost teasers and then bundled into an upsell are easily available for just a few bucks. In fact, as I write this I purchased a PLR bundle this morning of 5 reports for $10. The actual reports, as they stand, are worthless, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they shortly turn up as a $7 WSO + upsell, or the equivalent on Digital Point.

So upsells, down sells, cross sells, any-which-way-you-can-sells have to be treated with extreme caution online. You should really know and trust who you are paying good cash to.

I said at the beginning that Internet marketing hasn’t really changed over the last 5 years. What has changed are the even more deceptive schemes being devised to get your money any way they can.

Most people have heard of Exit Pop. To me this is one of the most evil pieces of software available. Thankfully it’s losing it’s appeal now as more people get to know how the game is played.

If you are not familiar with Exit Pop, it is the software that when you look at a sales page with a $97 product, (or whatever), and decide you are not interested and click away you get a pop up box offering you exactly the same product at a much reduced price or some other BS offer to get your email address.

I call this deceptive marketing. If your product is $97 then that’s what it is. Don’t play games with me spotty youth! As a matter of routine I always close a sales page nowadays to see who I am dealing with. Is it a serious marketer who knows his stuff or a second hand car salesman out to screw me for whatever he can get on the deal.

Here’s a short 26 second video showing this software in action when it takes me 5 clicks to get away from the sales page. These highly educated sales professionals really didn’t want me to leave and even offered a $900 discount!

Spotty youths or imbeciles I ask myself? I’m not speaking on the video but you do get 26 seconds of soundtrack from Road To Hell! SO, if you like Chris Rhea you may want to turn on your speakers.



I do know that it’s not the software that’s evil but how it’s used. Unfortunately Exit Pop is designed to enable multiple barriers to prevent you leaving a page and I personally resent this. I have no issues whatsoever with one SINGLE exit popup saying thanks for visiting or even a last ditch attempt to get me to join a list – just don’t keep biting my ankles OK!

It’s the same as upsells, they can be a really useful marketing tool offering great value to your customer or you get some evil dork whose idea of fun is to use their Butterfly Marketing script to bombard us with offers until we don’t know what we originally paid for – remember the hidden forced continuity uproar not long ago?

On a slight tangent, if you haven’t read my old post about guru tactics you may enjoy the read: Down And Dirty Internet Marketing Basics In 2009 Part 1 (Nothing Changes)


P.S. If you wondering what I was doing buying a ten buck PLR package I was actually after the images. Thing is, I am useless at graphics. I can make a decent job of manipulating existing images with Photoshop but designing graphics from scratch is a no-no for me. I am always buying image packs, (had to get a new hard drive to hold them all), but the PLR is handy for the PSD images. The PLR text reports really are poor quality but heck, ya always get what ya pay for!!

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