Private Label Rights And Resale Rights Memberships Investigated

The last couple of months I have been concentrating on a few projects which have taken up a huge amount of my time.

I have been running 2 eBay stores, one with digital products and one with physical products to make a side by side comparison of which one works the best. This in itself was a total waste of time from a business, (i.e. money), point of view as you cannot split your time like this and make any sort of comparison. They are 2 entirely separate businesses. It was not a waste of time from an education point of view though!

Selling physical products is great because it gets you away from the computer!

Additionally I have been delving really deeply into the world of Resale Rights and PLR products to see how best to use them in 2008. Things change fast and if you think that flogging a 97c ebook on eBay is selling Resale Rights information you are missing the boat completely.

As an aside, it is rather pathetic to watch those guys on eBay listing digital information products for a next to nothing price just because they think that cheap will build their business. (I am referring to those who have no idea of list building and backend profits here by the way). All they are doing is nurturing the “cheap” mentality with prospective buyers and they themselves become labeled as “cheap”. Nobody ever takes “cheap” seriously.

As was to be expected there is a lot of junk in this area of Internet marketing.

At the bottom of the PLR / Resale Rights Feeding Bowl we are:

  • Signing up for a free membership and getting crap. Nothing unusual there.
  • Paying for a OTO as you sign up for free where you have access to the free crap PLUS unlimited amounts of other crap being fed to you in the guise of “unique content” which are often nothing more than essays obviously written by someone from the Elance board for a buck a time. They most definitely are unique!
  • Signing up for a paid upgrade and getting the crap plus more crap, (albeit a slightly better quality of crap), which fewer people have. The products you really want to use, (that have some quality about them), you can’t use the way you want because of the restrictive license.
  • At the top of the PLR / Resale rights food chain we have some moderate to very expensive memberships of differing quality.

    One of the memberships I joined was at the top end of expense run by a very well known and successful Internet marketer. You are led to believe that the articles are so unique you can use them right out of the box with no problems and it will be seen as unique content.

    The very first time I used these articles I came within a hairs breadth of having my Ezine Articles account closed down. It was suspended straight away and I had to explain exactly why the submitted articles were published on other sites using someone else’s name.

    I actually abhor the current trend of duplicate rubbish articles and there is no way I would submit junk to EA. The articles in question were well written so as to be very readable and informative, so anybody arriving at the page would not be disappointed with the content, BUT, it WAS duplicate content, it WAS picked up by EA and is definitely not worth the high price of membership.

    It goes to show that the top Article Directories are now checking all submitted content more thoroughly than ever and I applaud this even if it can be a right royal pain in the butt at times.

    Nowadays to even stand still we need to focus a lot more on audio and video as part of our sales arsenal. The backbone is still text, graphics and great content but increasingly we are seeing video becoming more professional and although YouTube amateur video still has an important place in our promotion efforts, certainly for the rest of this year at the very least, the big boys have the bucks to produce incredible videos by taking advantage of full blown professional video producing companies.

    So can we hope to compete? You better believe it. The better the videos they produce the more money we can earn by riding their coat tails. Good software is available now to cookie affiliate links into videos and this software will become more powerful over the coming year.

    I also strongly believe that moderately good video, (i.e. us average Joe’s producing watchable home made videos), is not going to lose it’s appeal to the public. Good video content that flows at a reasonable rate to keep the viewers attention without too many Ahhs and Umms and silent periods is a winner.

    Also the popularity of informative audio on a website is a given. People listen to audio in a variety of ways if they are interested in the topic. Portable MP3’s while driving or out and about or relaxing next to the computer with a coffee and nibbles make audio a powerful way to get your message out.

    I reckon most people have an issue with how they sound on audio, myself included, but serious customers, (the people you want), are going to listen to your stuff no matter what and if you are giving out good content why wouldn’t they listen? If you think your accent is a problem then you can always publish a transcript for people to follow.

    Anyhow… my project at the moment is building a PLR / Resale Rights membership site over at which addresses the problems I have found during my investigations.

    From a business perspective a Free membership level is worth considering so that prospective members can get a feel for the membership. This doesn’t mean that these members have to suffer unworkable scripts and rubbish Ebooks written by a goat but, by the very nature of it being free, the content will be available to everyone. That’s the nature of the beast, or at least, the goat!

    I don’t particularly agree with the sole business model of a one time charge for all your content for ever. It doesn’t make a lot of sense unless the business is just going to work the cheaper end of the market as you have no reliable monthly income to confidently expand your business. You would need an attractive affiliate program to keep this business model turning over.

    However, there is a place for this type of membership as a lot of people are quite happy working online part time with “reasonable” content and can make some handy cash if they know how to go about it.

    For the serious online business builders there is definitely a need for quality PLR products in the form of Ebooks, audio and also video. Imagine the potential of having access to a full audio or video series of traffic generation or the latest SEO methods and then being able to put your name to the product. It’s not exactly a “business in a box”, (is there really such a thing anyway?), but it’s as close as anybody will ever get to having their very own instant quality product.

    It is for these type of high end products that a monthly fee would have to be charged and you could sure let rip with some great content.

    That’s it for now.

    You can get a free membership over at the Multimedia On Demandwebsite

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