Why Using PLR Videos Are A Waste Of Time

So why is using PLR videos a waste of your time?

Over the past year I have bought a lot of PLR videos hoping for a quick and relatively easy breakthrough into the popular online video market. The demand for online video both as a learning aid and also image branding for the smaller marketer is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Unfortunately, buying PLR Video is normally not going to do you any favors so come and listen to my PLR Video Rap compilation!

PLR video is now common place. Most of it is produced in homes and bedrooms with all the noises and distractions that entails. Doorbells and phones ringing and babies crying in the background are all signs of a normal life but I could do without them on something I buy to impress my customers.

The Warrior forum, where I have bought many, many packages, is loaded to the gunwales with the stuff.

It may seem really cheap and a great idea at the time but have a quick listen to this short PLR Video Rap I knocked together quickly.

The Plr Video Rap


Just about every PLR video package I have bought needs extensive reworking to the point that you may as well have done it yourself from scratch. It actually makes the cost of Camtasia well worth it and saves a load of frustration.

I have seen PLR Internet marketing “how-to” videos from the Warrior forum uploaded to membership areas of websites without any attempt at changing the videos in any way. I am not sure how anybody would want to portray themselves as a sniffing, stuttering idiot to their members.

Perhaps I am just too fussy and this level of video production is an acceptable standard but then I will just have to go on being fussy!

Another problem with PLR videos is that the content can very quickly become obsolete. I have bought Clickbank and WordPress products and even if the content is good, your customers are going to notice right away that Clickbank is now another color and the WordPress version is “ancient!” because it’s a revision, or perhaps 2, old.

So, it’s very easy to project a poor image to your customers and if you get it wrong, and they have paid something, even a dollar, they WILL complain.

It is very difficult to brand YOURSELF with PLR videos. They are usually an incredible amount of work and at the very least you have to check the information is correct. It’s very common to find either totally wrong or outdated information especially in the Internet marketing niche.

Quite a large number of people producing IM PLR videos don’t actually know enough themselves to be doing this. The problem is, YOU are passing on THEIR ignorance and misinformation to YOUR customers. How bad is that?

If you are buying PLR videos on good faith and “assuming” that the producer knows their “stuff” then it’s worth making a mental note to dig a little deeper before buying.

Watch out for people selling really cheap PLR videos with
rights prohibiting contact with the Warrior forum…

It should be obvious where this PLR video package started life!

PLR Video Salvation?

There may be a light at the end of the PLR video tunnel in the form of Steve Dougherty.

Steve is a nice guy. Also a helpful and truly honest one.

Now, those of you who know me appreciate that although this post now seems like a typical “slag-everything-then-hit-em-with-a-great-solution-pitch”, I definitely don’t play those games.

Trying to find honest and knowledgeable people online in the IM niche is like looking for a virgin in South Wales. Not that I am saying that Steve is a virgin from South Wales OK? <cold sweat!>

The good thing about Steve’s PLR videos is that you can trust the information and they are very well researched. In addition to that his voice is clear and understandable without sniffs, snorts, coughs and throat clearing.

What you do about his voice is an issue if you are running a membership site or building a brand and want to pass the videos off as your own creation. A trick some people use on PLR videos is to use Audacity to alter the pitch of the speaker but the problem still remains, it’s not your voice! May as well just leave it alone. Steve’s PLR videos are here. (No affiliate link so it’s not a pitch folks!)

So don’t be fooled, whatever you are told in a sales pitch if you want to use PLR videos effectively there is a lot of work to be done and your reputation is most likely at stake if you don’t pick up any errors.

As I find really good professional PLR video producers with integrity I shall update this post but I wouldn’t hold your breath.



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