Market Samurai Reviewed by the Realistic Marketer

This is going to be a short review because quite frankly Market Samurai is now an industry standard tool that is a must have for anybody either learning their online marketing trade or is a full time Internet marketer. From the time it came out a couple of years ago, heavily promoted by Ed Dale and the 30 Day Challenge team, it easily surpassed SEO Elite and Keyword Elite both in terms of ‘uncluttered’ functionality and eventually in terms of great support.

In fairness it took a while for the guys at Market Samurai to get their act together for product support and it was often a cause of great frustration to me because I judge every product by the real guys behind the product and not a flash in pan piece of software which seems great at first glance and then once the owner has made a few bucks they are onto something else. This happens all the time.

Thankfully the Market Samurai team pulled through this and produced a product for Internet marketers that is, quite literally, astounding.

To call Market Samurai a keyword research tool would be doing it a great injustice. Each Add On module is a program in it’s own right and you could spend a fortune joining different membership sites to achieve the same results and even then I don’t believe you would have the power of Market Samurai because you would lose focus hopping from one tool to the next.

Market Samurai Modules:

Rank Tracker – This will track all of your search engine rankings.

Keyword Research – Finds keywords relevant to a niche a analyzes them and great depth to return a superb set of filtered keywords.

SEO Competition – Incredibly important and fast. This is “at-a-glance” competition analyses. Nothing is easier or more effective than this.

Monetization – If you’re stuck for a product to promote then this module is exactly what you need. Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank and PayDotCom are the marketplaces built into the Market Samurai monetization module.

Find Content – Research articles relevant to your niche. A whole host of resources here apart from the usual EzineArticles database.

Publish Content – You can manage all you WordPress blogs from here to edit existing and publish new posts. A handy feature especially if you have a lot of blogs needing updating.

Promotion – Want some great backlinks? Of course you do! Why pay for backlink packages when you can find all you want right here? A picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a screenshot of the module.

Adwords – This is a module scheduled for future release and you can bet it’s going to be powerful and full featured.

Market Samurai Updates are free and frequent.

Anybody who has the intention of building an online business or even just making some holiday pocket money must seriously consider some form of niche and keyword research tool otherwise it’s like going on a road trip without a map. There are many free tools and a number of good paid keyword research tools. There are even expensive monthly subscription memberships but for down to earth, fast and effective keyword research that pushes all the right buttons you cannot beat Market Samurai.

Unbelievably Market Samurai is a one time payment. A ridiculously low one time payment at that.

Market Samurai Information: Market Samurai is way more than just a keyword research tool. The many video tutorials are a professional product all on their own and are as good as anything available online and these are all totally free.

Heck, you don’t even have to buy to buy Market Samurai to take advantage of the 40 or so videos that will turn you into a Keyword Research Samurai!

There is a special deal at the moment if you are considering trying this out so it’s worth taking a look. Also, look out for the “Free Trial” tab to give it a test run for 12 days.


Related information to keyword research: Don’t forget that keyword mining is a vital task for online marketers and many people confuse this with keyword research thinking they are the same thing, which they are not. Go here for information and a how-to video on keyword mining.

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