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SEO Link Robot from Steve Hawkins

I must admit that I immediately thought of Stephen Hawking and black holes. The analogy to my bizarre mind was the ever open mouths of Internet marketing gurus forever sucking cash but giving nothing out in return… you get my drift and it’s all in fun so no hate mail please 🙂

I have to admit to being a little concerned over the appearance of some “single fee” software of this complexity as a potential serious rival to Senuke. SEnuke is an extremely complicated software program made even more difficult by the fact that ON A DAILY BASIS it has to keep pace with changing search engine algorithms as well as any changes with the individual programs used in the many submission modules.

This takes a team of dedicated people to keep the software at the top of it’s game and of course, employing people means finding wages every month and employing skilled people means the wage bill isn’t chump change. In addition Senuke is an ongoing development project with the latest radically updated version SEnukeX due for release in the new year.

So, although nobody likes the relatively high fees from SEnuke, I can absolutely understand the need for a monthly program. Of course, in business, fees are always relative so if you can pay $200 per month for a $1000 return then obviously it’s worth it.

However, we are always looking for ways to streamline our costs and obviously IF a tool can do the same job then anybody will take a one off payment over a monthly fee.

SEO Link Robot

As always, before I look at a product that is going to cost more than the cost of a burger and a few cold beers, I will always “firmly” test out product support to judge their response.
You will not find any problems with SEO Link Robots’ support.

Steve is a regular hardworking guy from the North East of England which should please Dire Straits fans!

I did contact him personally to express my concerns on the one time fee and updating SEO Link Robot on a regular basis and his response was:

“The thing with the one fee is that I use the software in my own business and if I wasn’t selling this on, I would be doing the updates to the software anyway. So the updating isn’t a problem. I originally created this for my own company but decided to sell it on after I got a lot of requests to do so.”

That’s a fair enough answer but only time will tell how the pressures of maintaining complex software affects a business. More often, it’s not the actual software that is the problem, anything can be fixed, but the paid members. We have seen it happen many times where issues are not fixed quick enough for people who have no real understanding of what’s involved and next thing you know a lynching party has formed.

I saw this happen recently over a $15 Twitter product, (yeah that’s right, a fifteen buck product), and it’s an eye opener how fast hatred can spread even though the unfortunate product owner was trying desperately to put things right… on this occasion!

Promotion Modules

I’m not going to go through the intricate points of each module because if you are reading this you more than likely know what an account setup, social bookmarking and other modules are that make up this type of software. In any event all the information is on the SEO Link Robot sales page and the videos are factual so I have no comment other than they do what is stated.

Video Module!

Looking through the SEO Link Robot modules, it’s comfortable to use and it has everything you need for a full featured promotion machine except for a video module. I have been assured that it will be added very soon but I don’t think it’s going to be a 1 Click upload system.

My personal view is that adding a video module where the module has to connect to the video portal, wait for the upload and then move onto the next video, with you in attendance, is a waste of time. You need to be able to load your video into the module, enter your spun titles, descriptions and tags, hit upload and everything is done behind the scenes whilst you continue working. As I said, it’s a personal view.

It is worth considering that there is always a learning curve with these programs no matter how easy the owners say they are to use… it is for them because they built it 😉 SEO Link Robot comes with a 14 day money back guarantee and, as mentioned before, good support so you do get plenty of time to run it into the ground and ask any questions you may have.

Is SEO Link Robot Worth The Money?

As a new contender SEO Link Robot looks geared up to take on the big boys and at less than $200 it’s worth a punt if you do a lot of submission work but not at the expense of your mortgage or bills.

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You are welcome to contact me with any questions.

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