SENuke Vs Bruteforce SEO Evo 2 Review Update

I have been meaning to write an updated post on this especially as EVO2 has been released. Unfortunately I don’t presently have the time it takes to setup and learn the system and to be honest, I don’t want to spend $150+ on a program that has bitten me once already. So now it’s YOUR turn to speak!

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Also, and this is a genuine reason, the Bruteforce forum is a mess. It’s like going to a really noisy pub on a Friday night and having to fight your way to the bar with people screaming in your ear and techno babble thumping away in the background at a decibel level to rival a jet fighter. I prefer the calm orderliness of the SENuke forum where Areeb just deals with members quietly.

Anyhow, I have found a few comments that are worth sharing relating to the Brute Force SEO / EVO 2 / SENuke debate.

I did find this reply from Peter Drew on the Warrior Forum to someone who had dared to criticize his beautiful baby, EVO 2…


in reference to the supposed buggy software it works perfectly, it uses the IE modules.. so if you have updated IE on your computer and continue to delete cookies and temp files it works great..

If the software crashes on 1 site, that means theres a script error on that site causing an error in IE. which then stops the software. If you go to that site manually in IE, and create an account of post to it, you will see this error in your browser, installing whatever is required fixes it, then EVO II works , thats not a software problem, its a IE problem, and the same will happen for any other Software that Uses IE to communicate with the sites.

And again,

“Once you get your IE used to working with them, the software works flawlessly, the simplest way to do this is to update to IE8 with most sites are designed to use anway.

If you have IE 6, your IE will most likely have errors on page, resulting in EVO II or any software that relies on IE modules to stop..

its not rocket science.

Btw, one of the main problems users are experiencing is trying to stop the software to fix one error on just one site out over over 100. This is not a good idea., users are getting in the way of the software doing its job through to the end.”

In all honesty, this is 90% of what is wrong with anything Peter Drew brings out. I have great admiration for “go getters’ and Peter has certainly not sat on his backside by any means but he cannot, and will not, admit there could possibly be anything wrong with his software despite the fact that there is proof positive that there are many people who have a lot of genuine problems using his software. It’s the “ugliest baby in the world / mother love” syndrome.

He is continually in denial and his responses on the Bruteforce forum were so over protective it was painful to read. The problem with this attitude is that nothing will ever be done because he believes everything is perfect and that people are just whining about nothing.

It certainly seems that if you praise the baby you are loved, but even a hint at anything else puts you right in the hated naughty corner!

OK, here we go…

Canceled my subscription: @ $157pm overpriced, backlink portfolio very limited, support a bit arrogant, software too buggy at the moment.”

“I’m currently trying the EVO2 during it’s trial period .. and frankly I’m rather disappointed so far.

I’ve been a Nuke member for a year plus, so for me it’s easy to spot the shortcomings…
1. It’s more expensive
2. Any errors that happen pause the entire thing … so if you walk away and think it’s working – you will be in for a surprise
3. Captha solving is a joke .. it takes forever. I started to post a project Wednesday at 7pm .. and it’s still running right now (Thursday at 10am) .. that’s just awful.
4. No spinning of articles. This to me is unreal .. Sure I can manually add 50-60 “spun” articles manually and create different bios .. but I don’t have 3 hours.

I honestly can’t think of a positive that it has over SENuke .. I really can’t. I’ll be canceling the trial as soon as this process is done”

“The guy who created BFSEO is a nice dude, but as was pointed out to me by someone his program is used by SEO noobs who have no idea that SEnuke even exists, and so they see BFSEO as the best thing since sliced bread. And after all, everyone has to eat, right? He’s a good marketer, he’s making a nice living, and people use and enjoy his product, but it doesn’t even come close to comparing with SEnuke in terms of quality, options, content, and speed. He does have a really cool sales video though 🙂 That robot is cool.

Edit: BFSEO Evo2 is now $159 a month for half the websites, half the options, and more than 50% slower speed than SEnuke at $127 per month. Nothing personal against him, but SENuke is a better program. Running a test yesterday using BFSEO free trial it took me four hours to do half of what I can do with SEnuke in 45 minutes. So those who enjoy complaining that SEnuke is too expensive should think twice before saying that”

“I have to say, the fill-everything-out-and-click-one-button way of using Bruteforce is spoiling me.

But, lately it’s been getting buggier and buggier.. no multi-threading.. emails not getting confirmed.. and the biggest problem of all is the captcha-solving.. they have a 120 second timer, which loops 10 times before giving up.. That means it could be sitting there on 1 site for 20 minutes before giving up!!

a whole run generally takes around 4-5 hours, but when it’s not having problems you just leave your computer & come back in a few hours to its list of URLs it created.

I am not at all advocating it, just hoping that SENuke can adopt some ideas perhaps. :)
it’d be great to be able to fill out all the pertinent info for SENuke, click a button, and let it run through all modules without any interruption or instruction from us.”

“I downloaded BruteForce SEO because it looked similar to SENuke (although more expensive), and has a GREAT affiliate payout.
Now, they do have an awesome pay option – $1000 for 2 years of the service. I was going to do this….until I tried it out.

I agree completely – don’t waste your time with EVO2. I downloaded it today and tried it – the captcha solving does work, but it take about 1.5 minutes each time. The email accounts created are all yahoo. And NO ARTICLE SPINNING!

After seeing that it will not even handle spinning article I stopped – what is the point.

However, before that I tried the auto-account creations.

  • During account creation it selects random countries – none of my selected USA.
  • It stores 1 email (username, password, full name, address) in a file – you then load one particular file to register for the sites you want. That is ok.
  • The last accounts I tried to create (including propeller and reddit) FAILED miserably. I let my computer run for 90 minutes and then killed one internet explorer window. It opened about 50 tabs going to the exact same propeller page.
  • The EVO2 window was whited-out, but still listed as responding so I let it run more.
  • About 10 minutes later it started opening more IE windows. – Not good.
  • I let it keep running, but did kill the IE windows occassionally.
  • After another 30 minutes the entire BruteForce program shut itself down. Since you have to MANUALLY save the account information, all accounts created during this 4 hour period were lost.

Oh – one more thing (at least on the account creation portion…I did no submissions) – There is NO PAUSE option.

The robot is cool though :D

“I have been using SEnuke for a few months now and I have also tried BruteForce EVO…

The instability of BruteForce EVO is a turn-off for me…

I am sticking with SENUKE for now…$127 looks cheap now to me when I look at Bruteforce pricing”

I just cancelled during my 7 day trial of evo2, and cancelled my brute force linking loophole too.

The evo2 is poor, the linking loophole only created links on 45 sites out of 103.

At that rate I can build the links faster.”

“I tried the 7 day trial of EVOII and I refunded it, as I didn’t think it was that great an SEO
tool to be honest.

It posts profile links for your on high PR sites, but in such a way that they look majorly spammy and risk deletion. Also if takes random articles and posts this content to sites like Tumblr and places your link in them and keeps the original author’s link also.

It them creates RSS feeds and like an earlier poster mentioned does something pretty cheecky/clever with the links to points links at their own sites, but regardless they still create RSS feeds and mash them up and get links.

Only problem I have is that if you are in competitive niches where you needs a solid SEO
plan, then this tool is perhaps a nice little add on, but it aint no one stop solution, that’s for sure. It posts to a set number of sites, which means you don’t get much IP address diversity in your links, which is not great.

I asked this in their forum but never got a good response from the administrators. I also emailed their support and they never got back to me.

I think for easy keywords it does have value though.

That’s just my opinion, but as I said I did invite discussion from them and never got it, instead got something along the lines of “check it these results!! They rock!!” and I am not into hype, I like evidence and facts.”

“Now that the captcha service is actually working, I’ve been able to compare the two systems a bit better. Using just the base level functions, there are two areas where BFSEO is beating SENuke.

1. RSS distribution. BFSEO turns every single page you create into an RSS feed and submits it to the aggregators. Assuming that the pages that link directly to your money site actually stick, this means that they’re going to be getting a lot of link juice, which will in turn be passed to your site. SENuke can do something similar to this if you use an html to rss conversion site in conjunction with their “Combine Multiple RSS Feeds” option, but it’s much less automated.

2. Learning curve. For some people, this will be a big deal. When the captcha service is working, you can literally just punch in your site details and walk away. No need for a strategy, no need to wait for accounts to register so you can come back and do a submission. If you don’t want or need the level of control that SENuke provides, BFSEO might not be a bad choice.

Of course, SENuke blows it out of the water in terms of speed, number of social networks, control, and reliability. Also, I have a hard time believing that the random articles that BFSEO pulls are going to stick around, let alone get indexed and counted as a backlink. That’s just my personal skepticism, I’ll see if any of my sites register the new links.

For me, the speed is really hard to accept. With 32 sites and 1 or 2 more being added every week, I can’t afford to let it take 1.5-2 hours per run on a dedicated box. If Pete speeds it up and starts cracking the whip at his captcha service, this might be something I’d pick up to complement SENuke, but as it stands right now, I wouldn’t regard it as competition.”

We have to remember that both SENuke and especially EVO 2, are charging premium monthly prices. For this it is not unreasonable for members to expect, even demand, a workable product and most definitely professional and realistic support.

The following comment is one I wholeheartedly agree with because I have endured much the same nonsense…

“… In addition, the support/mods over at Brute Force SEO forums are really really bad, IMHO.

Anyways, I posted a very constructive reply like: “Evo II so far looks very promising. I see that Peter got 37 successful profile backlinks, but I am only getting 16-25 on each run. What should I be doing to maximize my success rate?”

Here is the breakdown of the reply by the moderator:

Mod: Evo II is awesome, it would take you so long on your own to do all of this stuff.

Me: I understand, but please tell me what I can do to maximize and get more than an average of 21 successful profile links.

Mod: Evo II is awesome, you should be grateful for it.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take this other than avoiding my darn question. Their support/mods could take a lesson from the SENuke folks.

In addition, every single time anyone questions about why something is not working or why it takes longer than it should (especially with respect to the captcha solving), the default answer is “Evo is god, the problem lies with your computer.”

I did find a link to  poll someone put on the WF asking “SEnuke vs. Brute Force SEO EVO2 Which is Better?” Unfortunately I couldn’t see the number of voters, which is quite important but had to be a minimum, of 25 I think if my math is correct and it’s probably not, but you can see the percentage.

There is a whole lot more chatter about the various merits of Bruteforce, EVO 2 Vs SENuke and the above poll seems to demonstrate fairly reasonably the divide, (my gut feeling and not hard facts mind!).

Time and again we see that poor, egotistical or indifferent support has a huge bearing on how people perceive products and perhaps EVO 2 could be fixed with a few new nuts and bolts and a line of code but until the members are being treated in a reasonable and respectful manner the problems, perceived or otherwise will never go away.

SENuke is not particulary simple to use. Not PhD level techie stuff but it requires watching the training videos, understanding and practice.  It is a serious tool for serious marketers and is not a “one click solution” and for that I give thanks becaue it gives us more control.

What we need are tools to automate repetitive mundane tasks. Tasks that HAVE to be done and it’s like leaving a job list with a trusted employee.

The complexity of the software, the environment it has to work in, (the Internet), and what it is trying to achieve means that SENuke and similar tools will always be a “work in progress” but there is one thing I know for sure, and that is that if I ever have a problem I will never have someone from SENuke support treating me as if I am imbecile that has broken their latest toy.

That’s worth the price of admission!

At the time or writing there is a 7 Day free trial. Give it a go but here’s a tip… Don’t jump in like a Newbie expecting to push a button and be rich tomorrow. If you do that you have lost before you begin.

If you sit down, watch the videos, ask questions in the forum, (or ask me), spend time understanding SENuke and it will build you a solid empire one step at a time.

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