8 Essential WordPress Plugins For SEO

1. Google Sitemap WordPress Plugin – Absolutely essential. When I first installed this Google was showing 3 pages of my site. Within 12 hours it had indexed 47.

2. Add Meta Tags WordPress Plugin – Meta Keywords and Meta Description are added automatically. The good thing is that you will have different data for each page as it uses page content for the tags. It also uses the category(ies) as keywords. You should be optimizing your categories anyway, (ie check the word or phrase has search volume), but this is a reminder to make the names topic relevant.

3. Optimal Title WordPress Plugin – This will switch your blog name and the page title so the page title is displayed first. This is important for SEO and also for searchers who will see what the post title first is rather than the blog title.

4. WP-ShortStat
Track your blog stats. Loads of essential metrics.

5. Ultimate Tag Warrior
Ultimate Tag Warrior is a tagging plugin, that’s heavy on tag visualisation. You are able to produce tag clouds and customize the features in a number of ways. I am presently only using this for internal blog post tagging.

6. Post Schedule Ping Optimizer
Optimizes the pinging function of wordpress. It saves your blog from getting black listed at ping services by avoiding unnecessary ping as well as it make sure to ping your blog when pinging is actually needed. Your server needs to be able to run Cron jobs and also process the W G E T function.

7. Tagalize It
Create taged text by enclosing the text to be tagged in one of the following. [TAG-Tec] [Tag-Ice] and [Tag-self] also alternate tags can be inserted into the [Tag-tec “new tag”] By Todd Sieland-Peterson. use this to generate my Technorati tags within my blog posts.

8. Share This
Let your visitors share a post/page with others. Supports e-mail and posting to social bookmarking sites. Very neat Social plugin.

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