LinksManager Is A Pro Link Building Tool For Consideration

Whenever I see a Links program it always perks my interest. Mainly this is because we hardly ever devote as much time to building quality links as we should. If you are a Google fanatic, like most people, we like to think that the hard work we put into writing unique articles is time well spent. That is until Google has a tantrum and for reasons known only to itself point blank refuses to recognize most, some or all of your links.

Is this bad neighborhood stuff? Hardly, unless you call EzineArticles, Netscape and similar bad neighborhoods. There are many people who have tried to focus on the above as a main linking strategy, myself included, and it may well come to pass that all your hard work is for nothing as far as Google is concerned.

Which brings me onto reciprocal linking. You may have heard the stories that reciprocal links do not work anymore. Where this rumour originated and how it grew is a mystery to me, in fact the Google webmaster guidelines actually advocate outbound links as well as inbound ones. Topical reciprocal links have always been beneficial and will certainly not do you any harm as long as you follow a few really simple rules.

  1. Keep away from bad neighborhoods.

  2. The site with your link must be relevant in some way to your sites content.

  3. Do not use the same anchor text link all the time. Vary the text to fit in with your keywords.

  4. Have links going to pages in your site other than your home page. (Deep Linking)

That’s basically it. Which brings me around to the topic of my post which was a look at a program called LinksManager.

First off I had to get past the question…
1. Why do I need to pay for a links manager service? After all, I can set up links pages myself and there’s always free link building programs to join.

I have been a member of free services and I am sure most people are like this, it’s always, “I’ll get around to it”. We know that ongoing link building of quality links is essential but it’s something we get around to every couple of weeks and then it’s more a feeling of guilt that we go at building links like a Steam Locomotive with a full furnace for a day and once our guilt is assuaged we are distracted for another few weeks before we hit the throttle again.

The LinksManager Link Exchange Toolbar is one of the great things about the LinksManager system. The toolbar is fairly prominent in your browser. The importance of it being prominent is that it is a constant reminder to continually build your links – a daily reminder like this is worth having. toolbar graphic

As you are surfing the Net and find a suitable link exchange partner you can instantly click the “Manage Link” button and up pops a window with the site information. You simply save this to your LinksManager account ready to administrate later. This is a huge time saver. For me the toolbar is possibly the most important feature of the entire system because it makes link building part of your daily routine which it should be anyway. The Toolbar currently only supports IE and FF with Windows XP or 2000. Vista and Safari are not yet supported but that’s a work in progress.

All the tedious work is automated and as you add, amend or delete links the new pages are instantly updated on your server by FTP. Link reciprocity is checked daily so you never have anyone gaming the system. For those folks who do not have FTP access for their website LinksManager hosts the pages in-house.

A really good innovation is their Linklets system. This gives you total flexibility over the content and appearance of your link pages. Remember that everything works from your server as long as you have FTP access, it’s the design and integration that is done within your account and there are tutorials and support for every aspect of LinksManager.

The Editor Based really is an all in one links management system and I have really only touched on the basics of what they have to offer. They are the web’s oldest editor based link management service which is demonstrated by their obvious expertise in the subject of link building. There is a lot of good, down to earth information which will help you to form a sustainable linking strategy.

LinksManager support is knowledgeable, personal and responsive. The pricing is based on the number of categories you wish to have. $19.95 per month and you have a massive 50 categories to play around with. You can have as many links as you wish in your categories. A simple Setup Wizard gets you going in no time but I would recommend taking an undistracted day to read the great information, watch the demos and formulate your linking strategy.

Another good benefit is that as a member you are also integrated with which is a great place to find and build your links.

I would suggest taking the 30 day free trial to get inside the bones of LinksManager and see if it would benefit your business plan. Another thought about paying for a service is that you absolutely MUST use it or it’s a waste of money. This means that you MUST build your links which means your business MUST grow.

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