Number 1 Google Ranking In Under 20 Minutes

Easy Google Ranking! Top Google Ranking For Dummies! The Google Ranking “Secret” is here!

I think most of us are immune to these hyped up headlines nowadays but for newbies who may stumble across this post and think “Wow”, here’s what it’s really all about.

It is no big deal getting ranked on the first page of Google anymore whether it takes you 5 minutes or 24 hours. People want to sell you their latest Google story, nothing wrong with that we are in business after all, but where it’s wrong to charge is when the whole truth is not laid out.

You see, using ping services, certain social networking sites and buzz groups I would be very surprised if anybody didn’t have a showing on Google very quickly. (That’s the “secret” by the way, now we’ll move on). Being indexed quickly and ranked highly always used to be called the “Google Honeymoon” period. Maybe it still is but I haven’t heard the term for some time.

As a reminder, in case anybody needs one, this is when Google finds fresh content and is not quite sure how to index it and usually the content gets the benefit of the doubt and jumps to the head of the queue. The ranking can be “assisted” by Google picking up incoming references from services as mentioned above and US Free Ads always seems to get noticed quickly as well.

I am not sure what is happening to Squidoo pages nowadays. Google used to attach a lot of importance to them but with everybody abusing the system I would imagine the Google algorithm has been modified to assign less weight to pages from Squidoo.

Oh, Google also picks up craigslist ads very quickly.

The “honeymoon” perk is short lived, (as in real life!), as Google gathers data from all over the Internet to better understand and rank this new content. Very quickly the content will drop from it’s top ranking and maybe even vanish completely from the index.

Most newbies by now have gone from a state of total euphoria to one of deepest depression simply because they do not understand how the Google system works. In fact few of us really understand how Google works so keeping up to date with guys who have a real “nose” for what’s happening and what works with the search engines is vital. See which SEO expert(s) you feel comfortable with and add a few RSS feeds into your Google account to keep yourself updated.

What do you mean you don’t have a Google Reader account? Gasp… This is really worth doing as it is a simple and ultra quick way to keep updated on anything related to your business.

So if you see anybody claiming easy top rankings on Google in 20
minutes, just know it is easily done and there is little skill involved.

The skill comes in understanding what it takes to maintain a top listing. You need to know everything about your competitors and understand why Google is ranking them on the first page.

The free Firefox / Flock SEO plugins will give you most of this information in seconds. Things like the websites PR, number of inbound links, number of pages indexed, Alexa ranking, is there a sitemap – this gives you a quick appraisal of how easy or difficult your task of having an ongoing relevant listing is going to be.

Additionally you will need to check the On Page SEO factors, (Title, H1, keyword density and so on), of the competing websites. You can do this manually for free; I use the Keyword Elite software myself but there are more cost effective choices available nowadays which do the same job.

The reason for this post incidentally, was seeing an Ad for an old product promising fast top rankings in Google. I thought we had progressed past this stage but obviously not.

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