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Flash Keyword Miner Overview:

Jon Leger recently brought out a software package called Keyword Snatcher but unfortunately stopped sales after 1 week. I had mixed feelings over this in as much as it is, (was),  a great tool and like all great tools you wish you could keep it all to yourself! I know, I know, selfish huh? Well I’m just human after all -:)

The reason for this post is that I have found some new keyword mining software which does the same job as Keyword Snatcher, with a few small differences and it is totally affordable. It’s called Flash Keyword Miner and here’s what it does…

Firstly it’s being presented by Hendra Rusly who is a qualified, (graduate), software engineer. I say this because Flash Keyword Miner is not just another piece of junk PLR software that is flooding the Internet at the moment. It is also very simple to use which means it’s quick and efficient.

Now, people must realize that it is a keyword MINING tool not a keyword RESEARCH tool – there is a difference. In fact a big difference!

I noticed with Keyword Snatcher that people, myself included at first, couldn’t get their head around the fact that here was something scraping hundreds or even thousands of great longtail key phrases but couldn’t see what to do with them.

They were looking for competition data and backlinks and other information given out by the mainstream keyword tools, such as Market Samurai, and could not understand the value of what appears to be a basic keyword list.

What Flash Keyword Miner Does For You

It scrapes the search engines to find key phrases that are not normally returned in the search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. What you end up with is a substantial list of phrases which are thematically related to your main topic. The value in having this information is obvious.

A Short Video Explaining A Few Points About Keyword Mining


Keep Your Keyword Mining Simple

As with everything else in life you can use common sense with a simple and effective process to get something done quickly or you can “discuss” every possible scenario until your head hurts and you end up doing nothing – much like the never ending risk assessment CYA meetings which used to be a part of my daily existence.

Once Flash Keyword Miner has done it’s run you should not have to spend more than 5 minutes to copy your key phrases to use in articles and blog posts. Obviously if you have a list of 5,000+ results returned then it will take a little longer but again, it’s common sense and focus to extract your information and move on. There is no need to over-think this.

What You Wouldn’t Do With Flash Keyword Miner

You don’t use keyword mining as an initial niche / keyword research tool to see if you can penetrate a profitable niche. I am repeating myself now to emphasize the point that keyword mining is a totally separate operation to keyword research and it follows AFTER you have your main site up and running and are looking for content ideas which will attract the search engines.

Flash Keyword Miner Step-By-Step Overview

You already have already researched your main profitable niche key phrases using a keyword research tool. This could be either paid like Market Samurai or free like the Google Adwords tool. You will obviously be making posts and pages themed to your best keywords and phrases.

Now I want ideas for content. I don’t want to guess and I want to give myself the best chance of being ranked organically in the search engines. I do this by using Flash Keyword Miner to return searched for content that the search engines regard as relevant but do not necessarily serve it up in their returned results for whatever reason. Remember that you will have chosen your MAIN content from the SERPS, now we want the best content to build a closely themed website.

So, I would enter my main key phrase into Flash Keyword Miner, set it to “Deep” mining and let it run. When FKM has completed I would either save the entire results as a CSV file and work on it in Excel because I can easily open it up later or if only a short list has been returned I would check off the phrases that make sense to me and I want to write articles about.

I don’t worry about the whole list. I may just pick out 10 or so phrases to use as the bones of an article which is usually enough to be going on with. If you try to over analyze the entire list you will probably be overwhelmed. This kills productivity.

In choosing phrases I tend to initially select those with numbers, (any number), returned by FKM for all 3 search engines. This tells me that there is active traffic across the engines for that particular term. I am not too worried about the quantity of traffic.

The reasoning for this is that I am using the content which will have links pointing to my main pages. Because they are closely themed to my main niche this will naturally increase the importance of my main pages in the eyes of the search engines so it’s a “knock-on” effect which is very effective.

Anyone taking their online business seriously should consider the value of Flash Keyword Miner. Let’s be honest, the entire success of any online business revolves around themed content unless you are using PPC and paid Ads exclusively, (and even then your landing pages have to be relevant), but nobody should be neglecting free traffic from the organic search results.

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