Seagate Maxtor OneTouch 500GB External Hard Drive Problem With Vista

I just wanted to write this short post about an experience with my Maxtor OneTouch 500GB external hard drive which I use for backup purposes. It may help others doing a search for the same problem.

My PC is a Compaq running Vista Home Basic.

I installed the Maxtor drive with no problems and it was working just fine until Vista upgraded to Service Pack 1 automatically online.

I can’t remember the exact errors but when trying to save a text document the error message said the drive was corrupted and the file could not be saved. I also noticed that the file had deleted itself but luckily a backup had been made. (Thank you NoteTab Pro!)

I was able to view the backup but could find no way to save it.

I then resorted to the extent of my PC tech skills using the old favorite of shutting down the machine and switching it back on again. It’s amazing how many problems this cures but I digress.

On booting up obviously Windows was convinced there was a problem with a corrupted drive and automatically ran CHKDISK. This reported a file indexing error and went about deleting erroneous entries during stage 2 of the CHKDISK process.

Stage 3 revealed a problem with what I thought said the Master File Volume or Master something or other. It appeared to fix this then went on to say it couldn’t continue the fix because there was not enough disk space. PC then booted normally.

The problem still remained and I noticed that all text files had been marked as read only.

Unchecking the read only attributed afforded a tempory fix but Vista was still giving corrupted drive information errors and when rebooting ran the CHKDISK program with the same results as above.

Right clicking on the OneTouch icon and selecting Properties | Tools | Check drive for errors would not work in Windows. It said it had to run the diagnostic from startup. I later checked the drive on an XP machine and the diagnostic ran within Windows and showed no errors.

The next step was to disconnect the drive from the Vista machine and reboot. This went normally.

Next the drive was reconnected and now it seems that all the problems have vanished – hopefully.

So if you have the same error with your Maxtor OneTouch external hard drive just disconnect it, reboot, connect and reboot and hopefully that is your problem solved.

I don’t believe there was ever any error with the OneTouch drive because it ran just fine on my XP machine.


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