Down And Dirty Twitter For Internet Marketers 2009 Part 1

The reason for this series of posts is the absurd number of Twitter eBooks, scripts and even monthly continuity memberships being sold, sometimes at an extortionate price. These either regurgitate information that is freely available and contains nothing new to justify the cost of the product, or some paid “system” which automatically creates hundreds of Twitter accounts. I’ll tell you exactly why having hundreds of these accounts can never work. On top of this, mass produced Private Label Rights Twitter products are being sold for literally a few bucks resulting in hundreds of products all with virtually the same scraped content.

If you have fallen for buying some $197 product which thinks getting 200 new followers a day is “mind-blowing-list-building-tactics” then it’s time for you to read Ade’s version of Life On The Twitternet which happens to be free.

I am not against buying properly researched information, and I do buy a lot, but when you have paid good money and somebody, (this is an actual quote folks, seriously!), writes “The best way to learn about Twitter to see what you are allowed to do is to open an account and try it” it has me reaching for the barf bag.

So let’s rip this Twitter nonsense to shreds and see if we can reveal effective ways to use Twitter for business which will benefit everybody.

Ade’s Version Of Life On The Twitternet

A Quick Gripe.

happybirds3MediumTwitter is a happy bird and a happy platform to work, so here’s a quick gripe and then we’ll get on with it.

This report is written from the perspective of using Twitter as an online marketing tool so my target audience are folk who have a reasonably good grasp of Internet marketing, social media promotion and are interested in expanding their knowledge to build or enhance their online business.

This is the same group of readers that any product mentioning, or implying “niche domination”, list building” or similar themes would be interested in reading about. We are looking, and are prepared to pay for good information.

As such I am quite scathing and impatient, as my article may demonstrate in parts, of people releasing commercial Twitter products and software which promise quality information and solid strategies for us to use in our business and all we end up buying is a half assed strategy or a dozen or so pathetic pages with diagrams telling us how to sign up for a Twitter account.

Like anything in life, you can make Twitter products as complicated as you like to justify a ‘perceived’ cost, but let’s ask ourselves how difficult is it to understand a micro blogging platform which allows 140 characters and says “What are you doing?” We don’t need to be Einstein to get a handle on this surely… and we don’t need to be charged ridiculous sums of money for freely available information.

The following is a list of topics to be covered but they will be spread over 3 or 4 separate posts so why not follow me on Twitter to be notified when more “down and dirty” marketing information is published. Joining my list is also a great idea in case you miss my tweets and you won’t get bombarded with BS either.

  • Intro And Using Twitter
  • Time For A Twitter Laugh
  • Using Twitter For Your Business also covering Twitter Spam
  • Twhirl And TweetDeck
  • Twitter For Backlinks?
  • Twitter For Search
  • The Twitter ‘Industry’
  • The downside of Twitter.
  • Monthly Payment Twitter Apps
  • Twitter Automation
  • The Twitter Twaddle Filter Funnel
  • A Really Great Twitter Gift For You
  • In Closing and a brief real life Internet marketing case study.

Intro And Using Twitter.

In the Twitterverse people become tweeple. Tweeples make up twitterisms and tweet to each other. OK. It sounds like a kids playground but we’ll get to the “serious” stuff soon!

twittersignpostTwitter is not difficult to use from a practical perspective, (er, like type a few words and hit Update), but judging from a lot of forum posts the concept of using Twitter for marketing throws up a lot of confusing signals. I will admit that when I first started using Twitter I was a blank page for a while until suddenly it hits you that a lot of what is being put out about Twitter and social media is just wrong and confusing twaddle – Twitter Twaddle! So it’s not our fault!

For absolute newbies Twitter has some great help pages on their site and there is no point in me repeating the information here. Or, a search on YouTube will reveal loads of newbie videos.

As with almost any social media platform, Twitter was not designed with online marketers in mind. Let’s be honest, we use it because there are loads of people in the space and the typical greedy, uninformed Internet marketer thinks “Aha, a great market to screw and make easy money from”.

The reality is that just like the old “build a list” registration services where you ended up with thousands of useless untargeted members, Twitter can be exactly the same. We never learn from history so all the same mistakes are being made again which means easy to build, huge and totally unresponsive, (from a marketing perspective), lists.

A simple shift in mindset for the caring Internet marketer would be away from regarding fellow Twitterers as a “list” but rather as a “community”. This is actually a core principal to using Twitter, or any other social interactive media, to complement our business. Coupled with this new found philosophical thinking, it struck me a while back just how many exceptionally clever, talented and just plain funny people there are tweeting away that we now have the privilege to share moments of our time with.

The thing with Twitter for Internet Marketing is that it needs to be used as originally intended. By this I don’t mean to tweet that you had 2 eggs for breakfast or you’re changing pampers, unless that is your interest group of course, but to let like minded people know what we are doing and to share informative and profitable information.

People using Twitter often have a personal account for family and close friends, a hobby account for their interests and possibly a business account. The usage for each is dramatically different and they shouldn’t be inter-mixed BUT…

… here’s the thing, Twitter is all about choice. Some top marketers keep their Twitter accounts very informal and let us know what movies they are watching and if they are stuck in airports. Personally I don’t give 2 hoots what they’re doing, who cares?, but it’s all about choice and balance. The odd snippet of useful information and breaking industry news is worth putting up with insignificant trivia and after all, life ‘aint perfect 🙂

As much as we can choose who we follow, remember that everyone else has this choice and can choose to unfollow or even block us so, from a business perspective, it may be worth developing a few guidelines as to how we run a particular Twitter account. Every niche is different.

The point to remember is this; The Twitter platform is a tool to be managed effectively. It may be a good ego trip to have tens of thousands of followers but if they are not contributing to your business in a positive way then it is time wasted and may actually have the effect of being self delusional. Many people get so hung up on following, being followed and tweeting that Twitter starts to take over their life and becomes an addiction. It’s really spooky to see someone tweeting every few minutes from the moment they wake up but then I used to be a smoker so I tend to understand addiction.

Time For A Twitter Laugh.

failwhaleTwitter is so popular that it even has Fan Clubs devoted to it’s ‘server down’ time. What used to be sheer frustration is now a bit of a giggle.

Due to the graphic that Twitter now uses to represent it’s downtime, the error page, (not 404), is called the Fail Whale and is a definite cult, er, of sorts.

A plethora, (Allow me to use the word plethora to prove I am almost as smart as a 5th grader!), of merchandise is available representing the Fail Whale from the usual mugs and T shirts but having a pale ale label contest for a bottle of beer is a cool use of the Fail Whale, as is having it’s own Martini mix.

Fail Whale tattoos… Seriously there are people with Twitter FW tats. This has to be a claim to fame for what must be the most popular “Sorry, we’re having a problem” page in history.

Chuckle, Chuckle.

Using Twitter For Your Business?

To Be Continued…

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