Web2.0, Blogging, Tagging And Being Social

Well after a complete mind dump yesterday with Web2.0 and trying to work out the most efficient way to write a blog post taking into account SEO and Social sites I went to bed totally fried.

The good news is this morning it all seems a lot clearer.

Understanding the WP Plugins was a challenge mainly because the help file jargon is not at a basic level. For instance if you have little idea what Web2.0, Social sites, tagging and Technorati is all about then the help is meaniingless.

I think a short video will help others in my situation a lot so I’ll put this on my To Do list which never seems to get any shorter.

The WP Plugins Ultimate Tag Warrior and Tagalize It are useful at a basic level but they still need more time to be learned as I am sure they have a whole array of features but I don’t have a week to dedicate to 2 plugins unfortunately.

It appears that UTW is useful for Internal tags within your blog as it will link all tagged posts together and present all the posts relating to that tag when a reader clicks on one of the tags.

Tagalize It enables you to tag words and phrases wihin your article content with a link to either self, Technorati or IceRocket.

An excellent website is OnlyWire which enables you to submit a post to 15 bookmarking sites, such as Del.icio.us, Furl and so on, and also gives you a neat piece of code for your readers to “vote up” your article to the sites.

This is what the code looks like in a post and if my article has been of interest or of any use to you please vote for it.
Add to Onlywire

Our mindset nowadays if we really want to get into the Web2.0 “thang” is for us to make a conscious effort to be more “Social” by applauding sites givinging us good content and ignoring sites which contribute nothing to the way we would like the Internet to be. This will have a far reaching effect on scam and other rip off sites because in the future without votes nobody will see them.

The other site relating to tagging which is very useful is the Evil Genius Tag maker which is free.

This will “Technorati -ize” your tags and also provide linking buttons to some Social sites. You will see this in action at the bottom of this post.

So, do we have to go through the rigramole of using 3rd party plugins for our tagging endeavors or is a copy paste action enough?

Let’s see what we are doing exactly. Let’s get B-A-S-I-C!

  • BBlog – Must Have One Of These. A lot of platforms to choose from. Each blogger will have their own preference – mine happens to be WordPress hosted on my own server.
  • AApplaud (Vote For) Good Content Sites. Gives the owner more incentive to provide us with even more great content.
  • S Social Bookmarking Is Great. It works to everyones advantage and rewards the “good guys” as Harrison Ford may say.
  • I Ignore Scam And “Gimme Your Money” Sites. Nothing wrong with
    making a living online but far too many sites are either posing as review sites or other underhand methods to trick you.
  • CCHOICE! Web2.0 gives us almost limitless choice. Not just bookmarking sites but story/article sites, picture sites, video sites, community sites, marketing and advertising sites, news sites – you get the drift? OK.

At the moment I will go with Ultimate Tag Warrior for my internal tagging coupled with OnlyWire and EGM. My Ping list is good so now all that needs to be done is to submit my blog to the main blog directories, RSS Feed directories and find additional popular sites to maximize my web presence for this blog.

Video here we come…

Tomorrow I will post a list of the important directories I have used for you to copy and visit.

I will keep you updated on my progress. Leave comments, suggestions and requests before you leave.

Bye for now.


Add to Onlywire

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