Web2Submitter Review And A Surprise No.5 Google Listing

Web2Submitter is a boon for anybody wanting to take advantage of targeted Web2.0 traffic.

It is very simple to use and really does save you a stack of time on those BORING WEB2.0 SUBMISSIONS!

An upgrade has been released today which I believe will be the first of many as more Authority sites are added to its database.

Here’s the surprise. I knocked up an Ad on USFreeAds titled “Web2Submitter Review And Video Review” using H1 tags, bolding, all the stuff we are meant to do and… Nothing! Not a peep from Google. Not even in the first 500 organic listings. Hmmm!

At the same time I knocked out a quick 30 second Ad on craigslist and forgot all about it.

So the next day around bedtime and I was drinking my coffee, (it honestly relaxes me and helps me sleep), checking to see how my campaigns were doing.

Called up Google and saw nothing obvious but the craigslist Ad at #5 was not expected. I really had no idea it was mine and was expecting results from Web2Submitter, Jack Humphrey, Squidoo and Digg sites but not craigslist.

Anyhow, I clicked on the link and blimey was I surprised to see it was my long forgotten Ad. I was so surprised I made a short video of it which I’ll be posting tomorrow as I could not do the audio today as the family were visiting. Will that make this a video blog?

The video isn’t about Web2Submitter but I would definitely recommend you pick up a copy of W2S if you are submitting to Web2.0 sites. http://www.ademartin.com/r/web2submitter.html

Here’s the stupid thing, I wanted this Ad to stay live so what did I do… this is dumb with a capital D but, Hey I was tired OK? 😉 – I reposted the Ad!! What does reposting the Ad do? Right, gives you another url so the link from Google becomes useless. Said I was DUMB!

Anyhow I shall send my new craiglist Ad a little link love from this blog and a few others to see if it pops up again. Web2Submitter Video Review

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